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Prepping for your in-home newborn session with Redrock Portrait Design

COVID update: I will be wearing a mask during your entire newborn session and washing my hands before we get started with the photo shoot. Please let me know if you or anyone in your house hold does not feel well, I will do the same. We will reschedule your session if either house hold has any sick family members. Thank you!

Congratulations on your new baby! I am so honored you chose me to be your newborn photographer! I know you have many choices when it comes to photography, and I couldn't be more excited you chose Redrock Portrait Design. Photographing the connection and love between you and your brand new baby gives me so much joy. I incorporate the perfect mixture of lifestyle and light posing into my sessions. My use of all natural light and an easy approach has established me as a leading Denver in-home newborn photographer. I am committed to growing with my clients, allowing me to create photography to be cherished for a lifetime.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you have a successful newborn session:

  • Just before I arrive to your home, please turn your heat up, or your air conditioning off (depending on the time of year, of course). It is super important to have it warm and cozy for a sleeping baby.

  • Feed your baby. Baby should finish up feeding approximately 30-45 minutes prior to my arrival if possible. If baby is not finished feeding, just let them continue. It's better to have a fully fed baby. Then it's time to sleep!

  • Make sure you keep baby in a diaper ONLY, no clothes. You may wrap baby in a blanket or loose swaddle, and let them fall asleep.

  • White noise will be our best friend. Weather you have a sound machine, or an App (Sleep Baby Sleep is one of my favorites), it will be so helpful! The last thing we want is for it to be too quiet. When it's too quiet, any little noise or movement could startle baby easily. Even if you have music or the TV on, whatever your preference may be, it will work!

  • If your baby is used to a pacifier or bottle, have those on hand. I find the hospital pacifiers (Soothie- the rubber ones that you can stick your finger in) work the best!

  • Most importantly, be calm. Babies reflect on our energy. It is super important that you do not stress about this photoshoot, or anything else that may be going wrong or not according to plan. The calmer and more relaxed we are, the more so baby will be.

Here's what you can expect during your in-home newborn session:

  • This session will last approximately 2-3 hours, so get cozy! Feel free to take a nap while I'm photographing baby, or eat lunch if you need to! It is quite a bit of time to have me in your home, so please make yourself comfortable!

  • I will be bringing lots of stuff with me. I have everything from rubber hardwood floors to baskets to furs and blankets, swaddles, headbands and bow ties. Along with my photography gear. The only thing you need to worry about is supplying the clothes for you, your spouse and siblings. I have everything for baby! If you'd like to add anything to the photo's, just let me know.

  • Depending on how sleepy baby is, I will either start with the family photo's, or solo baby photo's. Be prepared for either.

  • Because I use all natural light in my photography sessions, I use the best lit room in your home. Most of the time, this will be a bedroom or living room. Please have the rooms decluttered. I will choose the bedroom with the brightest light and most neutral bedding. If the bedrooms don't have great light, we will opt for the living room or another space in the home next to windows. Not always, but sometimes I may ask to move around some furniture for the best look.

  • It is 100% okay if Baby needs to eat mid photo's. This is totally normal so please do not apologize or feel bad! I would rather we take some time to stop and feed baby rather than try to force an unhappy baby into cute photo's. It won't work.

For mom, dad and siblings:

You are a huge part of this photoshoot, so be prepared to be in lots of photo's! Photographing the connection between you and your new baby is one of my very favorites. There is nothing better than seeing the love you all have for this baby, and being able to capture it through my lens. This is a once in a lifetime moment, and I'm here to ensure you will be able to look back at these memories for a lifetime.

One of the biggest questions I get asked, what to wear! I love the look of neutrals, simple patterns and textures and color! Moms, if you are comfortable wearing a dress, by all means! The most important thing is that you are comfortable in how you look in whatever you choose to wear. Dad's- get out those sweaters, nice T shirts or dress shirts that will compliment her. Since we will be getting cozy in your photo's, it might be best to be barefoot. Your nails and jewelry will show in the photo's, so please make sure they are camera ready. The number one thing people forget to wear (because they are at home), wedding rings! Don't forget those rings, they will be impossible to photoshop in :)

For siblings- I try to really form a connection with kiddos upon arrival. The more we can form a relationship, usually the better they are for me in front of the camera. I'm not apposed to bribing with toys, food or candy. But that part is up to you! Sibling photo's will be quick, I understand their short attention span. My goal is to get a family photo with everyone, a photo with mom & kids, a photo with dad & kids, then baby & sibling(s). That's all!


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