Hi, i’m Erinn with 2 N’s! I’m a daughter, a sister, and a dog mom.
I was born & raised in upstate New York.
I spent half of my 20’s living in Las Vegas before I found home in

Denver, Colorado! I am obsessed with so many things about living in Colorado. Especially the mountains......and the weather. When I’m not taking pictures, you can probably find me on a hike, riding my bike, walking my dog, kayaking, snowboarding, doing yoga, camping, gardening, exploring new restaurants, or just plain enjoying life outdoors! I love being a professional photographer, a business owner, and enjoying the little things in life!

Living in the moment

Love stories

Chocolate (Godiva is my fav)
Summer patio sittin

Celebrating anything
Live music



Bubble bath's on cold days
Discovering new places
Living simply

What's In My Bag

(2) Canon Mark III’s
 100mm macro lens

135mm lens
85mm lens
35mm lens
580 ex II flashes



A ton of batteries
A bunch of memory cards
Burts bees chapstick

What I Love

Why Hire Me?

Friends and clients who have
hired me describe me as kind, professional, patient,

courteous, and

most of all someone who genuinely cares about my clients, my business, and truly

passionate about what I do.


I take pride in my business

and consistently strive to

learn and improve on

being the very best I can be.

Phone: 720-951-4878

Email: info@redrockportraitdesign.com

Website: www.redrockportraitdesign.com