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Redrock Portrait Design

Denver + Boulder Portrait Photographer


Hello there! I’m Erinn with 2 N’s! Originally from Rochester, New York, I have found so much happiness living in sunny Colorado. Moving here the summer of 2011 without much of a plan, I have successfully grown a business from scratch, and built a fulfilling life. I owe it to my incredible clients I've had the privileged of working with and getting to know over the years. I will forever be grateful for the trust and opportunity they provide. Photography has been a favorite hobby of mine since childhood. Having so much passion for the art, I decided to pursue a degree in photography and then make it a career. BEST.DECISION.EVER.

When I'm not out on photoshoots, at the computer editing, or learning more about photography and business ownership, you can probably find me walking my dog (one of my favorite everyday activities), doing yoga, gardening, cooking, entertaining, snowboarding, kayaking or hiking. OR my newest re-discovered activities of bowling with friends, top golf, playing scrabble or any games for that matter, and extra effort towards reading books (which I was so bad at all through my school years).

Being a professional photographer in the most incredible state (in my opinion) is an all time greatest achievement for me. My business is my world. I always knew I was meant for the entrepreneur life, and I love it more then anything!

Why hire me?

Friends and clients who have hired me describe me as kind, professional, patient, laid back, and most of all someone who genuinely cares about my clients, my business, and is truly passionate about what I do.

I take pride in my business and consistently strive to learn and improve on being the very best I can be.

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