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The S Family | Colorado Fall Colors | Fall Family Photoshoot in the Aspen Trees | Boulder, CO

If you think your kiddo is going to be shy or have a hard time during your photoshoot- not a problem at all! It's nothing but fun and games over here. Which is just what we did during the Sung family photoshoot! This cute little guy may be shy in front of the camera, but when we spend the entire hour long session swinging, tickling, stick hunting, and being tossed in the air, what could be more fun? And the best part, genuine smiles out of everyone!

I had the best time meeting the Sung family for their fall family photos in Boulder! Being new to Colorado, they REALLY wanted colorful fall aspen trees! Boy did we deliver. It was getting toward the end of the fall colors, but being that we had an extra long nice fall (with no snow), we got extremely lucky. This spot in Boulder is absolutely beautiful with it's vibrant color, and we don't even have to travel too far to find it!

I'm pretty sure fall is my favorite season, so if you're looking for fun fall family photos, I've got you! I know so many beautiful locations on the front range that offer some amazing color in the aspen trees! This Boulder location being one of them, like I mentioned before, it's not that far of a drive outside of Denver, it's not too crowded, and there's plenty of pretty spots to photograph and let your kids (or dogs) run around!

I'm so excited that this family will be adding another little boy come spring! Having the opportunity to photograph them, newly pregnant, and for the last time as a family of three, is just so special. These memories they will cherish forever. I know Evan will make the best and most fun big brother too!

What a cute family! Congratulations to these three! I can't wait to photograph them all again as a family of four!



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