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The S Family | Boulder, Colorado | Fall Mountain Photoshoot | Boulder Family Photography

I'm so excited and happy for this adorable family to be welcoming another little one! These kids are CUTE and so loved, I just know they will make the best big siblings to this little guy or girl! I love that they are keeping the gender of the baby a surprise. This was super common back in the day- my parents voluntarily didn't find out our gender with me or my sister. Then for quite some time it was unheard of to NOT not find out. Well that old tradition seems to be back and sticking around for a little bit. I have heard this over and over again with my clients for the past few years now, that parents want to be surprised- and I think that's awesome! I hope the trend is here to stay!

Have you ever heard the term "photographers child syndrome"? Yep, Stephanie is a professional photographer herself, and she has her kids trained for photo shoots, let me tell you! These kids know what's up, and they are too good in front of the camera- as much as they may hate it. You may not believe it, but most of the time photographers kids hate being in front of the camera, they've been doing it all their lives, and being told what to do by your parents makes them want to do the opposite. Imagine that haha. Well whatever bribes these super parents dangled in front of their kids for these fall family photos, (before becoming a family of 5!) it worked! Just look at all those smiles!!!

I did a super quick 20 minute session with this family- who it was my first time meeting. We connected right away like we had not been strangers before. The flow of their photo shoot was easy peasy, and just LOOK at this view! Okay, I don't photograph here as much as I should- frankly sometimes I forget about it, I'm not sure HOW!! But I'm going to add this as an option to my 2021 Boulder locations list! My goodness I can't get over how beautiful this is in the fall, and I'm sure year round! The Boulder flatirons sure makes for an absolutely gorgeous backdrop, I'll tell you that!

Congratulations to the S family!



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