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The P Family | Extended Family Photoshoot | Multiple Family Photoshoot | Denver, Colorado

It was Thanksgiving weekend when I got to meet the amazing Parker family! It also happened to be Patti's (the mom) birthday! What better birthday gift then getting your most loved ones, your kids and grand kid together for a Colorado wintery outdoor photoshoot! Okay so it may have been a little chili this day, BUT we did have some beautiful fresh snow, and some sunshine! Which is always appreciated in Colorado winters! AND everyone survived! And now they have these amazing photos to remember this day forever, and hang on their walls, so how could you complain ;)

What a fun time we had in just an hour long photoshoot together at one of my favorite winter locations just outside of Denver! We captured lots of group photos, then got the big kids together with their parents, which is always one of my favorite groupings. It's like we're recreating childhood photos, but with everyone as adults. It always makes people happy and giggly! Probably because they feel so awkward, but hey- whatever works to get those laughing smiles! Oh and another favorite- get the siblings together, which usually leads to inside jokes or picking on each other, I seriously get the best laughs and smiles at extended family sessions!

Extended family sessions are definitely one of my favorite things to photograph. More often then not, they happen because not everyone lives in the same state anymore, and everyone is getting together for a special occasion or Holiday. So some family members are on vacation, happy, and having a great time with quality time together, living their best lives- most of the time ;) I love making memories with these families, I love giving them something they don't do often, and giving them a reason to get photos printed, framed, and on display in their homes to look at every single day! Life is short, and not guaranteed, please do the photoshoot you have been thinking about doing, while you have the chance! And do it often, because people change and families grow! Thank you very much ;)



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