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The P Family | Extended Family Photoshoot | Colorado Professional Photographers

Okay, you guys have seen this Boulder location several times. It's one of my very favorites, I'm sure you can see why :) I absolutely love the nature, the scenery, the mountain views. It really offers it all! And best part, it's quiet and pretty private. Oh, and it looks amazing all times of the year. Yes, there is about a 5-10 minute walk/hike to get here, but it gives us our steps we need, and who wouldn't want to be surrounded by this beauty?!

I was so excited when the P family reached out for their extended family photoshoot! I know this little munchkin and her parents from previous family photoshoots together, but it was my first time meeting the rest of the family (who by the way hadn't had family photos done in about 20 years!!!) We had the absolute best time- but it was only after an unfortunate weather reschedule and the parents driving all the way from Wyoming to make this happen! Gotta love that Colorado weather! We had this scheduled for months, and of course on the day of the shoot, 50+ mile per hour winds. That's a hard no. SO we rescheduled to a few weeks later, and got the very best day!! Literally couldn't have asked for better Colorado fall weather!

Photographing extended families has to be one of my very favorite things to photograph. I absolutely love seeing everyone come together, usually in the best, happiest moods, and usually hadn't had family portraits done in a very long time. And who doesn't love an excuse to get dressed up, especially during a global pandemic?! I love being able to provide that for them. For every extended family session, I will capture many group photos with everyone all together, several individual smaller family groupings, grandparents with the grand-kids, parents with their adult kids, and any other combinations you can think of! Anything you can picture printed out in a collage on your walls, that's what we will make happen for you!

I absolutely adore this family and hope for many more family photoshoots together (hopefully sooner than 20 years from now haha!)



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