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The H Family | Summer Photoshoot | Boulder, Colorado Family Photography

One thing I have always loved about this family- their dog is definitely a third child to them. Yep, Pete has been at every single family photo shoot over the past 3 years, and I don't see that stopping any time soon. I'm a dog lover, so I am so here for it! He is such a good dog too, It definitely wouldn't be an H family portrait without little Pete in it! I just adore that this family loves their dog so much! I feel that should always be the case, just sayin' :)

I have been photographing this family for a few years already! How does time go so quickly?! I first met them when they had just moved to Denver from NYC. We hit it off right away, being from upstate NY myself, we had lots to talk about. Little Willa was just over one at the time, I met them at their adorable rented home near Wash Park, they were so welcoming, invited me right in like we had known each other for years! We walked over to the park on a warm day for a little family photo shoot, of course with Pete in tow. Why does this feel like it was just yesterday?! Since then, I have photographed their maternity and newborn sessions for little Elliott, they have moved to the burbs, and life is just busy with 2 toddlers, understandably. However, they always make time for at least a yearly photo shoot, we catch up with each other like a year hadn't already passed, and have a great time making new memories!

This year was a little different. Being in a global pandemic for 8 months already, really puts things into perspective. What's really important in life, and some big changes and moves for a lot of people. Maybe we needed a pause button, or a slow down? One things for sure, this family loves each other with all their hearts, and it's so obvious! They are just so cute together, and we had the best time at one of my very favorite Boulder locations, laughing, tickling, snuggling, and just plain enjoying each other. Making memories. What more could you ask for?

I always look forward to our next family photo shoot, but that means that once again, time is moving too quickly! So, this year and next, I will challenge myself to soak in every minute of health and happiness with loved ones.



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