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The H Family | Boulder Outdoor Family Photos | Fall Family Photoshoot in Colorado

First, I have to say I love the jewel tone colors this adorable family picked out to wear for their photoshoot! If you know me at all, you know I love working with color! And finding colors that pop against a nature backdrop is a perfect way to add color. Jewel tones are perfect for fall family photos!

It was my first time meeting this family and we were celebrating little miss Genevieve turning 6 months! She was the perfect little ham who gave me so many smiles! Isn't it funny how the second or third or fourth kid seem to be the most laid back, easy going? Like all our energy goes to the older ones, trying to get them to cooperate or smile, or whatever, and the littlest just roll with it haha. At least from what I see often :) Big sister was not interested in me at all. She was miss independent and totally in her own world. As much as we tried to get her to smile at me, or even look at me for that matter lol, she just wouldn't! So we played games instead! I love playing games with little ones in family photos anyway, and sometimes it's just what we need to break everyone out of their shell. And capture authentic smiles- that helps too! I really enjoy showing off your kids little personalities anyway :) It's important for parents to try to be patient and roll with whatever needs to happen during family photos to have the best possible outcome :)

I love how families are choosing to celebrate their kiddos milestones, even if it is during a global pandemic. Even if it's the ONLY way we can celebrate right now, you will have and cherish these photos for a lifetime. Looking back at photos of your family growing and celebrating milestones is such a gift. The days are long but the years are short.

Big thanks you to the adorable H family for giving me the opportunity to document their days.



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