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The C Family | Denver Family Photography | Outdoor Winter Photoshoot

I was so happy to meet the Cardwell family! They had just moved to Colorado from Arizona at the time I met them, just before Thanksgiving! Kelly is a professional photographer herself, and we connected through social media. All four of these guys are the sweetest, kindest people! Hanging and photographing them for an hour was just easy peasy. The conversations flew naturally, and they were just so easy going! Their youngest daughter had more energy than all of us combined, which kept us warm and on our toes!

Because this family had lived in Arizona their whole lives, they didn't have much experience with snow. One of the first things Kelly said when she reached out to schedule their winter family photoshoot, "I really want snow to help us show off our new home". Welp, we got really lucky with a warm(ish) winter day, but a fresh coat of snow from the day before. It made for an absolutely beautiful backdrop at one of my favorite Littleton locations!

It wasn't long before I had this family "hiking" and climbing up the rocks to show them one incredible Colorado view! By far worth the 5-10 minute walk up, and one of the best views in Littleton! We hung out up there for awhile, had so much fun photographing all of them in various combinations, having the girls watch their parents get lovey dovey in front of the camera was everything :) They truly know how to laugh and have a great time with the very best attitudes! (Even if they were pretty cold once the sun went behind the mountain!)

I'm thankful for companies and new businesses bringing new families to Colorado! Without that I probably wouldn't have ever met the Cardwell family, and so many other wonderful clients who I just adore and enjoy photographing! Colorado is booming right now, I know making a big move like that can be scary, but also so exciting! I'm so happy to have met this beautiful family, I'm excited for their new Colorado adventures, and can't wait to photograph them again very soon!



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