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The C Family | Colorado Fall Family Photos at Red Rocks | Denver Family Photographers

The C family, what can I say about this wonderful family who came all the way from St. Louis to Denver for a fall family photo shoot! Oh and did I mention, mom and dad are BOTH professional photographers themselves who run a very successful business in the mid west?! To say I was honored that they chose me for their family photos would be an understatement.

I've talked about "photographers child syndrome" in other blogs, how children of professional photographers can be really good in front of the camera, or absolutely miserable because they've done this so many times that just can't even handle another photo shoot lol. WELL this family had one of each! Their oldest was so good and so into the camera, knew just what to do, and probably understood that she would be getting some sort of treat afterward if she did well. Their youngest (who to be fair is only 3), was a different story. She has been in front of the camera so many times in her little life, she was just OVER it, and definitely didn't want to do anything to listen to mom and dad. Welp, I scratched the idea of trying to get everyone to look at me and smile at the beginning, and reversed my technique. We played games instead! Eventually she was having so much fun she forgot all about being mad about being at "another family photo shoot", that I got those fun genuine smiles after all!

We went out on a limb with this location, mainly because I hadn't been to red rocks in quite a while. I didn't really know what this trail would look like this time of year, but one things for sure, it would be beautiful with those red rock structures at least! This family wanted something similar looking to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, but with a closer location to Denver. Bam! I knew the perfect trail at red rocks, and I'm so happy to say they LOVED it here! One things for sure, we had an absolute great time, so much fun with this family, and we had some absolutely gorgeous fall foliage! I will definitely be doing as many family session as possible before we lose the fall color.

I can't wait to photograph the C family again on their next visit to Denver!


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