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The C Family | Boulder, Colorado Family Photography

It feels like just yesterday I photographed little Asher as a newborn! How has a year already gone by?! It's an absolute joy to photograph little ones at just a few days old, then see them again as one year olds with their little personalities developing! Like, still a baby but now also a toddler- you blink and another year goes by. I first met this adorable family through a good friend of mine who also happens to be a photographer. She moved out of Colorado, so I have the pleasure of taking on some of her clients and friends! The C family was one of them, and boy am I glad I met them! They are a cool Colorado family, who even own a brewery in the mountains! Livin' the dream, am I right?

So when I first saw Asher get out of the car this day, my first thought was "oh my gosh baby overalls!!" And how stinkin' cute he looks as a one year old now! The perfect mix of both mom and dad, this little guy is going to be a serious heart throb some day! But the baby overalls, I mean come on those are absolutely adorable, and he rocked them!

We got so lucky with a gorgeous evening at my favorite Boulder location on the day of our photo shoot! We had the place to ourselves, and had the best time photographing Asher for his first birthday! I absolutely love that mom and dad brought a number 1 balloon, it was the perfect touch for a simple added prop. Asher didn't care too much for the balloon, but he did love being tickled, kissed, thrown in the air, then upside down by mom and dad. As long as we were being playful and moving around, this happy boy was having a ball! He even enjoyed sitting in the big boy chair, and on the rock all by himself! I bet the next time I see him, he'll even be walking on his own ;)

Overall, I think Asher's first birthday photo shoot was a huge success, and I absolutely love how the photos turned out! I can't wait to see what this family has in store for me to photograph next :)

Happy first birthday, Asher buddy!


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