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Sunflower Minis | Northern Colorado Sunflower Fields | Colorado Family Photography

Sunflower sessions in northern Colorado!! Just wow! This was my first summer offering sunflower sessions, and let me tell you it won't be my last! I'm already planning for next year. I was lucky enough to have photographed five different families in the sunflowers this summer, and we all had an absolute blast. If you can't tell, I'm totally obsessed with these photos and already can't wait to see what we will create next summer. This year was a little last minute and the first year I was able to rent out this sunflower field in Windsor, Colorado. It was kind of a trial run, so I offered mini sessions to a limited number of families. Everything went perfectly and these sessions are in high demand! Unfortunately sunflowers don't last very long, and photographers go crazy over taking pictures in them, so doing this requires some planning. I feel so lucky to be able to rent out private land to offer my clients a legal sunflower experience!

There is nothing that screams warm summer evenings in northern Colorado like a photo shoot in a sunflower field! Looking at these photo's instantly makes me want to plan a BBQ and eat some watermelon lol. Isn't it funny how pictures can instantly bring us to a memory or an experience that you'd like to have? Just another thing I love about photography. You can almost smell fresh tomato vines, flower gardens and fresh cut grass just from the thought of summer time. I'd like to say summer is my favorite season, because I'm obsessed with bright colorful flowers, but the truth is, with every new season that comes, I get excited all over again to be going into a fresh new season. I guess you can say I'm a person who loves seasons and change. I once lived in the desert for 6 years where everything looked the same year round. Bad idea, very bad idea. So, we know that when the sunflowers come out, it actually means we are getting close to the end of summer, and we start thinking about fall. And I LOVE fall lol :) But let's not wish time away ;)

It is so fun watching the kids run through the rows of flowers 2-3x their size. The joy that these giant flowers bring to everyone is incredible. If you're looking for a fun, unique, beautiful family photo shoot in late August to early September, consider a session with me in the sun flowers!


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