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Redrock Portrait Design Top Location List

In this blog post you will find my top favorite photoshoot locations around the front range, including photo examples and everything you'll need to know about choosing the best location for your session! I take a lot of time each year finding the best locations for you and making sure I stay up to date with knowing they are the best options, (and most importantly so they don't get overcrowded), I ask that you please not share this blog or these locations with anyone, as they are for booked clients only. I also appreciate that you don't tag your location on social media after receiving your photos. Scroll through images of each location for multiple examples, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or clarification on anything!

South Mesa Trail (Boulder)

This location is easily accessible and beautiful all year round. You can't go wrong with this spot, there is great variety between the foliage, aspen trees, wooden bridge, and mountain views. It is just a short flat walk from the parking lot to the trees, and just a little further (about 5-10 minutes) to the mountain views. Overall, this is a great beautiful and easy option all year round for families of all ages and sizes, and dog friendly! Available only at golden hour about 2 hours before sunset.

NCAR (Boulder)

Another beautiful location all year round. There is great variety here with stunning up-close mountain/flatiron views, evergreen trees, and big rocks for little ones to climb and play on. Plan on a 10(ish) minute easy walk from parking to the views! Once again, you can't go wrong with this location and is great all year round for families of all ages and sizes, dog friendly! I recommend this location for golden hour, 2 hours before sunset.

Flatirons Vista (Boulder)

Get out your walking legs for this one! The wide views of the mountain range and big open sky make this a stunning location worth the walk! The best photoshoot spots are a good 15 minutes from the parking lot, and the last 5 minutes is flat, but uphill. Although an easy hike/walk, it is a little jaunt to the best spot. This is another location I would recommend all year round, and for any families that don't mind a little exercise. Dogs are welcome! There are no trees here, and due to the openness of this location, it is only available at golden hour about 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset.

Lost Gulch (Boulder)

This location is the known for epic views without having to drive TOO far. It is still a little bit of a drive up a windy mountain road, so be prepared for that. However, once you get up there, it's just a short 5 minute or less walk to the most incredible views and unique rock structures. This location is a little more of a challenge when it comes to accessibility, and it requires walking or even crawling over some big rocks to get to the views, so definitely a location for the more adventurous. This location is also great all year round, but would not recommend on a day of snow or ice because of the drive up there and the fall potential while climbing the rocks. It sure is beautiful all year round, and because of that, I should also mention there is usually quite a bit of people up there, so you won't really get a private experience. This is definitely not a location for children. I recommend maternity sessions, couples, or families with older children for this one. Available only for golden hour about 1-1.5 hours before sunset.