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Redrock Portrait Design Top Location List

In this blog post you will find my top favorite photoshoot locations around the front range, including photo examples and everything you'll need to know about choosing the best location for your session! I take a lot of time each year finding the best locations for you and making sure I stay up to date with knowing they are the best options, (and most importantly so they don't get overcrowded), I ask that you please not share this blog or these locations with anyone, as they are for booked clients only. I also appreciate that you don't tag your location on social media after receiving your photos. Scroll through images of each location for multiple examples, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or clarification on anything!

South Mesa Trail (Boulder)

This location is easily accessible and beautiful all year round. You can't go wrong with this spot, there is great variety between the foliage, aspen trees, wooden bridge, and mountain views. It is just a short flat walk from the parking lot to the trees, and just a little further (about 5-10 minutes) to the mountain views. Overall, this is a great beautiful and easy option all year round for families of all ages and sizes. Available only at golden hour about 2 hours before sunset.

NCAR (Boulder)

Another beautiful location all year round. There is great variety here with stunning up-close mountain/flatiron views, evergreen trees, and big rocks for little ones to climb and play on. Plan on a 10(ish) minute easy walk from parking to the views! Once again, you can't go wrong with this location and is great all year round for families of all ages and sizes! I recommend this location for golden hour, 2 hours before sunset.

Shanahan Ridge (Boulder)

This location is beautiful all year round! With a short uphill "hike", you'll come across a beautiful trail, beautiful evergreen trees, and a variety of different spots to use for peekaboo flatirons views! I would recommend some walking/hiking friendly shoes for this spot, before reaching the photoshoot spots where you can change shoes if needed. Plan a 5-10(ish) minute walk for this one from parking. Another great location all year round for families of all ages and sizes! I recommend this location for golden hour, 2 hours before sunset.

Flatirons Vista (Boulder)

Get out your walking legs for this one! The wide views of the mountain range and big open sky make this a stunning location worth the walk! The best photoshoot spots are a good 15 minutes from the parking lot, and the last 5 minutes is flat, but uphill. Although an easy hike/walk, it is a little jaunt to the best spot. This is another location I would recommend all year round, and for any families that don't mind a little exercise. There are no trees here, and due to the openness of this location, it is only available at golden hour about 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset.

Lost Gulch (Boulder) travel fee $50

This location is the known for epic views without having to drive TOO far. It is still a little bit of a drive up a windy mountain road, so be prepared for that. However, once you get up there, it's just a short 5 minute or less walk to the most incredible views and unique rock structures. This location is a little more of a challenge when it comes to accessibility, and it requires walking or even crawling over some big rocks to get to the views, so definitely a location for the more adventurous. This location is also great all year round, but would not recommend on a day of snow or ice because of the drive up there and the fall potential while climbing the rocks. It sure is beautiful all year round, and because of that, I should also mention there is usually quite a bit of people up there, so you won't really get a private experience. This is definitely not a location for children. I recommend maternity sessions, couples, or families with older children for this one. Available only for golden hour about 1-1.5 hours before sunset.

Gross Reservoir (Boulder) travel fee $75

Drive for about an hour to this spot, and you'll find epic scenery! It really is everything you could ask for, trees, mountain views, rocky trails, and water! What better way to show off Colorado? I will say, it is a bit of a trek to get here at the very top of flagstaff mountain road, so be prepared for a little road trip. I recommend this location only June through September(ish) because weather can get crazy up there. Also! we will need to do at least some hiking from the parking lot to the best photo spots. Nothing crazy, and we can go just a 5-10 minutes down the trail, or all the way to the water, but then it is a hike uphill to get back to the parking lot. Overall, if you're willing to make the drive (and the little hike), this is a show stopping location and great for adventurous families of all ages. Available only for golden hour about 1.5 hours before sunset.

Eben G Fine Park (Boulder)

*Photos coming soon*

Wonderland Lake (Boulder)

*Photos coming soon*

Harper Lake (Louisville)

*Photos coming soon*

Evergreen Lake (Evergreen) travel fee $75

If you love water, lakes, and rolling green hills, this is the location for you! With only a 45(ish) minute drive from Denver, it is absolutely stunning for a summer golden hour evening session! The spots I like to photograph at require a 15(ish) minute walk down the flat path (to the furthest point), but I like to stop at different spots along the way. In the example photos you'll see the variety we can get here with the trees, fencing, and different lake spots with some views! Perfect for families of all ages. Available only at golden hour about 1-1.5 hours before sunset.

Beaverbrook Watershed (Evergreen) travel fee $75

Although it would still be beautiful in the spring summer or fall, this is one of my favorite winter locations. I just love the giant evergreen trees, and the *almost* guarantee of snow it will have in the winter time. It is a pretty short easy walk from the parking area to the open space of evergreen trees, and about another 10 minute walk to the aspen trees. Another bonus, this place is pretty private- every time I have photographed here, I see almost no one the entire time. Perfect for maternity sessions, couples, and families of all ages. About a 45 minute drive outside of Denver for this spot, and I recommend a golden hour start time about 2 hours before sunset.

South Valley Park (Littleton) travel fee $50

For the more southern families who love an adventurous location, South Valley Park is perfect! It offers a gorgeous golden hour, beautiful views, some open fields with foliage and wildflowers, and cool red rocks to easily climb on! This location requires a 10(ish) minute walk uphill to the furthest spot. It's perfect for families of all ages, and little ones usually LOVE being adventurous and crawling on the rocks. I recommend a golden hour start time about 1.5 hours before sunset for this one.

Mount Falcon (Outside of Morrison) travel fee $75

This is a pretty popular location for photographers and families on the western, southern side of town that offers open space, mountain views, trails, and evergreen trees. It is a little bit of a drive (about 50 minutes from Denver) and into the canyon a bit, but overall a great location all year round with families of all ages! Just a short fairly easy walk from the parking lot to the mountain views, although the trail can get icy in the winter so be prepared for that. It's worth mentioning there is an east and west side to mount falcon, which are a good 20 minutes apart from each other, and I am referring to the west side in this post. I recommend golden hour start time about 1.5 hours before sunset.

Red Rocks (Morrison)

The trading post trail at red rocks is my favorite spot for photos here. A quick 5-10 minute walk down the easy flat trail and you'll find absolutely beautiful up close and unique red rocks, rolling hills, and gorgeous foliage in the summer and fall. However, due to concerts it makes it a limited location option. Summer time is almost impossible at this location due to sunset time and concert start times, the traffic and parking situation can be a nightmare. Fall season is usually much better here since the sun sets earlier and concerts start later. Winter time is usually a safe bet! Great location for families of all ages. I recommend golden hour 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset, and this location is also doable for an early morning session between 7-7:30am.

Clear Creek History Park (Golden)

A great location for early morning sessions (7-8am) or golden hour evening sessions 2 hours before sunset. This location offers so much variety between the brown barn, white barn, bridge, fenced trail with beautiful trees, and creek! It's a great spot all year round, but I will say the creek location here is only accessible in late summer and through fall due to high waters in the spring and summer. So if you love that part about this location, keep that in mind. Other than that, it's a great and pretty central location for families of all ages!

Rose Garden (Littleton & Longmont)

The perfect spot for summer color! I stumbled upon this rose garden in Littleton years ago and have been bringing clients here ever since. It is so beautiful for being such an easy location! Literally steps from the parking lot, and perfect for early morning sessions (8am) OR evening golden hour sessions 1.5 hours before sunset. This location is appealing to lots of families with little kids who are best in the mornings, and evening summer sessions are just too late for them. This location is only available mid June through late September/early October. *If you are up north, the Longmont rose garden is an option and just as beautiful!

Hudson Gardens (Littleton)

*photos coming soon*

Cherry Creek State Park (Denver/Aurora)

A great early morning session location with no crowds! (This spot will also work great for evening golden hour sessions as well). Lots of trees here which make it most desirable in the summer and fall! A very easy location steps from the parking area, and not too much walking to the different photo spots which make it perfect for families of all ages! Note- there is a parking permit entrance fee of $11 per vehicle.

Denver Botanic Gardens (Denver) add $100 permit fee

If you're looking for gorgeous colorful and unique, you can't go wrong with this location spring/summer/or fall! However, a couple notes about this location- it can be very busy on weekends, so I highly recommend week days if your schedule allows. It's great for morning or evening sessions, but it does not open until 9am which can be very hot and bright in the summer time at that hour. There is a $100 permit fee (plus the cost of admission) for this location. Great for maternity/couples, and families!

Cheesman Park (Denver)

A very versatile location! This is a favorite all year round, and perfect for early morning sessions! (will also work great for evening golden hour sessions as well). If you love the look of bright white columns, flower gardens, or big evergreen trees right in the heart of Denver, this is a great spot! Just a short walk from street parking, and perfect for families of all ages, extended families too!

Washington Park (Denver)

Another versatile location! In the summer this park offers two different big beautiful flower gardens, in the fall it's perfect with it's huge colorful trees, and all year round I love to use the boat house for an urbany-clean look! A great location for early morning (8am) or evening sessions 1.5 hours before sunset! Perfect for families of all ages, and a great central location and short walk from parking!

Civic Center Park (Denver)

If you're looking for an urban location with a downtown Denver vibe, this is it! I will say, this location has it's challenges though, so if it's available it can be great! But there are a lot of events that happen here especially in the summer, so it takes a little bit of research. Summertime gardens and spring cherry blossoms are beautiful here, but overall a great city location all year round. City parking can be a challenge around here, so keep that in mind and plan extra time before your session starts to account for that. This spot will work well for an early morning or evening session!

*photos coming soon*

City Park (Denver)

One of my favorite spring locations! I love the cherry blossom trees and the huge lilac bushes that city park has to offer. Outside of springtime this would not be my top location choice, but mid to late April to mid May(ish) is absolutely perfect! It's a great early morning session AND golden hour evening session spot, and perfect for families of all ages. A short easy walk from parking, and a great central location!

Golden Ponds (Longmont)

This location is prime in the fall in my opinion! With tons of trees, it gets so colorful, and so pretty! This location also has some unique variety with it's bridge and even a little waterfall area! It's perfect for families of all ages with easy accessibility. Plan a 5-10 minute easy flat walk from the parking lot. Perfect for early morning (7-8am) or evening golden hour (1.5 hours before sunset) sessions.

Sandstone Ranch (Longmont)

An easy location for northern families! The big brown barn is a staple here, but even if that's not your thing, this location also offers pretty trees (great for fall) and a bridge! I recommend this location at golden hour 1 to 1.5 hours before sunset, and for families of all ages! Note- the parking lot is very small and it can be a popular photo spot, arrive early to wait for parking if needed.

McKay Lake (Westminster)

This is a very popular photography spot, for good reasons! However, it can get busy especially in the fall and summer evenings and the parking lot is small, so plan enough extra time. This location offers huge mature trees so as you can probably imagine, it is perfect for fall! A great option for early mornings or golden hour sessions! A very easy location for families of all sizes and ages with just a short walk from the parking lot!

Secret Blossom Location (Westminster)

Another one of my very favorite spots for spring! This is a secret spot (because it's that good!) and it's totally not your typical location, as in, it's on the side of the road. BUT makes for gorgeous white blossom photos. They only last about 2 weeks a year, so this location needs to be timed right, and is only available beginning(ish) May to mid(ish) May! I recommend having a backup plan or a reschedule plan in case the flowers aren't in bloom yet, or leave us too early. This location is perfect for early morning sessions and golden hour sessions!

White Barn (Thornton)

*photos coming soon

Buckingham Park (Boulder)

Tucked away inside lefthand canyon is the perfect quaint creek side location! This spot gives me pacific northwest vibes with it's lush greenery and big creek rocks! In my opinion, this is such a peaceful and mostly private unique little Colorado spot without having to drive too far outside of Boulder! Make sure you bring the bug spray just in case! The walk from the parking lot is just about 5-10 minutes and a hop skip and a jump over some rocks. I would say this spot would work for best for maternity/couples sessions and I recommend golden hour 2 hours before sunset for this one! Summer or fall would be best here.

CU Boulder Campus

*photos coming soon*

Horsetooth Reservoir (Fort Collins) travel fee $75

Another epic gorgeous year-round Colorado location for water lovers! You really can't go wrong with this location, it's stunning! If you're willing to make the drive, it's worth it for families of all ages, maternity, couples, and more. There are several spots here to get amazing photos, whether just steps from the parking lot, or a 10-15 minute "hike". Only available for golden hour 1 to 1.5 hours before sunset. *Note, there is a $9 parking fee per vehicle.

Sunflower Fields (Longmont & Windsor)

A beautiful, unique and fun end of summer pop of color! The sunflower fields are available mid August to early or mid September. There are two sunflower fields I use, one in Longmont and one in Windsor. They are both private fields that we rent so they are totally legal. The beauty speaks for itself here and is totally perfect for families of all ages and sizes, maternity sessions, milestones, and more! Available only for golden hour about 1-2 hours before sunset.

Studio Locations:

Interested in a studio session instead of an outdoor session? No problem! I have a few studio options including my own, Little White Photo Studio in downtown Frederick, CO. If you prefer a different studio, I offer sessions in both Denver and Longmont locations. These are beautiful options for a clean, bright, timeless look. They are great all year round, and an especially wonderful option for winter months. Milestones, newborns, families, babies, kiddos, maternity, headshots, all are welcome for studio sessions. If all this doesn't sound good already, another bonus is that we can schedule these sessions at any time during the day to work around your schedule. However, since it is a rental and scheduled by the hour, studio sessions must be scheduled in advance. Each studio is a little different, but both locations include some furniture- couches, bed, chairs, etc. You are welcome to add in anything you'd like including furniture or props, cakes, balloons anything! Need help planning decor for a milestone session, just ask :)

Little White Photo Studio, Frederick CO: (no additional charge)

Denver Studio: (add $150 rental fee)

Longmont Studio: (add $100 rental fee)

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