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Patrick + Shaina Elope in Boulder, Colorado | Colorado Couples and Elopement Photography

Okay Patrick and Shaina, could you two be any cuter?! My goodness I had fun with these two in the Boulder mountains on a warm early fall evening! Patrick and Shaina literally just arrived in Colorado. Their work moved them to Denver, and they immediately picked up and moved across country as fast as they could. Upon arriving, their first stop was to elope! They wanted it to be super private, just the two of them, in their new state, showing off the mountain scenery that Colorado has to offer. We definitely achieved that and even lucked out with a gorgeous day to boot! Oh, and did I mention Shaina is pregnant?! SO these two got engaged, got pregnant, moved across country, built a house and got married, all within a year! What most people go through in the span of several years, these two accomplished in such a short amount of time. But you know what- they are PERFECT for each other! They make it look so easy!

Where do I begin with these two? I can't get over how kind these humans are. We hit it off right away, the conversation flowed so easily, and watching the two of them laugh with each other and me during their photo shoot was a blast! Shaina is unbelievably laid back, easy going, and just the sweetest! Patrick shows how much he loves his girl and unborn baby like he was made for them. I think this was easily one of the best days of their lives, and I am honored I got to be there for them and that they chose me as their photographer!

Shaina has the cutest little baby bump which we made sure to show off for just a few photos :) And can we just talk about this stunning dress she picked out to be married in?! I just loved everything about this day so much, and I am so so happy for these two! Boulder was really showing off for these two with all it's beauty, but even more so, the love and fun these two show each other, they are unstoppable. Oh, and did I mention this was their very first professional photo shoot together?! Like what?! Such naturals! They make it look so easy :)

I can't wait to photograph these two for many more years to come! And of course meet that little baby! BIG congratulations to these two!



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