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Michael + Cilia | Boulder Winter Maternity Photoshoot | Best Views in Boulder, CO

Real talk. Sometimes, just sometimes, things don't go exactly how we have planned in our heads or how we want them to. Unexpected things happen all the time, and I truly believe the best outcome can happen with keeping a positive attitude, and just rolling with it! I know, easier said then done sometimes. But, what other choice do we have?

So here's my story about my maternity session with Cilia and Michael. Picked out our location for their maternity photos a week prior, great, all good to go! I always show up early to my sessions in case of traffic or whatever. So, I show up first, welp, it's closed! Completely blocked off, can't even drive down the road to where we need to go to get any sort of views and the walk would have been miles. Completely out of the question. Right after I realized this and go to text my clients, Cilia and Michael text me that they missed the turn for the parking lot, drove right past it, went to turn around and got completely stuck on ice. Rangers had to be called, they spent 30+ minutes trying to get unstuck! Meanwhile, I know of another location further up the road for a backup plan, which I never ever shoot at anymore because of how insanely busy it is with people. But, what choice did we have? I drive up, great, no parking, tons of people, other photographers, partying college kids etc... not ideal. Eventually my clients get unstuck, make their way up to our new spot, everything is fine. Oh, and they really wanted snow, of course no snow in sight. SO, I had never met these people, our location was closed, a quick decision had to be made as to where to go, they got stuck on ice for a very long time, had to be rescued by rangers, oh, they were brand new to Colorado so they didn't even know where the heck I was bringing them, and our new location was mobbed with people. DEFINITELY not ideal! BUT LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS!! Sure I may have had to photoshop out a few people, but DAMN they look so good on top of this mountain!

After my first few frames of photographing Cilia and Michael, it was apparent to me that they were either really comfortable in front of the camera, they had done this lots before, or they were just total naturals! Cilia's smile was stunning, she was glowing, and the love these two have for each other is incredible to witness, even for someone who just met them! Instantly I was back in my zone, and loving what I was seeing on the back of my camera!

So, we started off in the easiest spot of the location- where you see the rocks behind them, but quickly ran out of variety. With so many people around us we didn't have too many options. Well, I thought hey I'll ask them if they want to "climb" out to the spot with the views. I explained it'd be worth it, but I think they were a little hesitant. Well, if you know this location, you know this is not an easy task to get to the edge of the rocks where you see the mountain views, ESPECIALLY pregnant, in heels, or wedges, or pretty much any shoes for that matter. I could tell mid way through these two were thinking "what on earth is this photographer making us do?!" I just kept telling them, trust me it'll be worth it!

Welp- after these two got their photos, they told me how incredible this location was, and that all their friends and family in Texas were blown away with their maternity photos! Hallelujah that's a win for me! I also think I gained their trust again after the delivery of their photo gallery lol. Which was a good thing since I am scheduled to photograph their new little baby boy when he arrives! phew.

All in all, we may have been disappointed about not having snow, or sun, or our original location, etc but it worked out perfectly, AND we got beautiful photos to boot! Oh, and I found them some snow across the street after all! Woohooo!!

Congratulations to Cilia and Michael!!



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