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Merry Christmas | Christmas Studio Minis | Northern Denver Kids Photography

I love celebrating all seasons and any holiday, but Christmas might have to be my favorite. I love quality family time, I love the excitement for a month leading up to it, and I love giving! So, when it came to Christmas studio minis, the decision was easy! This was my second year hosting indoor Christmas minis (as well as outdoor), and I absolutely love it! Each year I choose a different location for my outdoor minis, and the set changes for a completely different look for the studio minis. So, if you come year after year, you won't have the same look or backdrop on your Christmas card every year!

This year I absolutely loved that I had many kiddos show up in their PJ's AND formal wear. These are completely up to you how dressed up or down you want to get! But I thought it was just adorable to have kiddos in their matching jammies, snuggled up by the Christmas tree! I mean- so cute, am I right?!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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