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Lauren + Andy, Engaged! | Colorado Winter Engagement Photos | Denver Area Couples Photographers |

Ever since I decided to step back from photographing weddings in 2019, I haven't had the opportunity to photograph many engagements or couples anymore. Which I totally get, since I focus mainly on growing families now, but there's a part of me that is so sad about it. I absolutely love photographing couples! Couples and people in love was the very first thing I got so excited about when choosing my profession and focus within photography. Even still, when photographing families, I like to pull mom and dad aside for a few photos of just the two of them when I can. Maybe it's the way you can be totally silly, romantic, passionate, whatever it may be, getting genuine in love couples in front of the camera being their happiest selves is my favorite!

Lauren and Andy are newly engaged and planning their wedding for late summer of 2022! I couldn't be happier for these two! They have been together for 6+ years, and Lauren has been anxiously awaiting for Andy to ask her that big important question! It finally happened on a weekend trip away at a romantic hotel in Estes Park, just the two of them, very private, just as she wanted.

When Lauren first reached out to me about engagement photos, I was ecstatic they asked me, and that I could squeeze them in for a session just a week later! Andy was deploying overseas and had just got orders that he would be leaving in just 2 short weeks! He is expecting to be gone for a year, so getting these engagement photos done before he left was super important to them. It happened to be a perfect, beautifully sunny Colorado winter day, and everything was just perfect!

I just had a blast with these two! It was their very first professional photoshoot together, so like many, the nerves were REAL. They brought some liquor shots to ease the nerves and maybe warm them up a bit too haha. I like to start easy with my couples, no pressure, definitely nothing awkward, and reassuring them it's totally normal to feel nervous at first! It doesn't take long before we get totally silly, the comfort level eases, then we capture some great smiles! It was more than a few times I had Andy look at me and say "really?! you want me to do that?!" mid photoshoot. I told ya, we're going to get goofy, I want to see laughter and fun, and sometimes we need to do totally goofy things to get there. You better believe these two were comfortable in front of the camera, long before we finished their photoshoot! I loved every second of it, and I know they just love their photos too!

Meeting and hanging with Lauren and Andy was amazing! We had so much fun together (as you can clearly see ;)) and I couldn't be happier for them to start this next chapter of their lives together! And of course, Andy's safe return home!

Congrats you two!! Thank you for choosing me to capture your engagement!!



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