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Elle Just Born | Denver Newborn Photographers | At-Home Newborn Photoshoot

This newborn session has to be one of my top favorites of all time. Not only are mom and dad the sweetest people ever, but everything came together so perfectly for their in-home newborn session. The beautiful bright light in the home, their little sleeping angel baby, even their elderly dog- I couldn't have asked for a better session with this adorable family!

Sweet baby Elle was just 7 days new when I photographed her in her very own home near Denver. She was even born right on this bed, just a week prior to her first professional photo shoot! Yep that's right, this family had a successful, planned, home birth with this sweet babe! And yes, they bought all new bedding ;) I say planned because you would be surprised how many parents I know had their babies at home or even in the car (!!!) that were unplanned! One of my dear clients recently gave birth in her bed, unexpectedly, (they had to buy a new mattress), and her husband barely made it home in time. Talk about a fast labor and birth, wowza! Anyway, I just thought it was so cool that we could photograph Elle with her parents, in the same place she was brought into the world.

It was my first time meeting this family, and we had an instant connection. Photographing them was so easy, I would be fooled to think they hadn't done this before. Seeing them interact with each other, with their old dog, and how absolutely in love they were with their new baby, was just incredible. I don't think I've ever seen a dad SO into pictures and totally obsessed with their new baby. At least not in front of me anyway lol :)

Sometimes photographing a family with their first baby can feel overwhelming for them, it's a new experience, there's so much to think about. I promise I try to make this experience as smooth and wonderful as possible by preparing you ahead of time- what you can except and how to prepare for your session, and bringing a calm and soothing approach into your space. After all, this is all about you and your brand new, growing family, and I'm just here to help document it. This session I feel represents what a session with me could look like. And I just love it!

P.S. Doesn't baby Elle look exactly like a mix of both of her parents! :)

Congratulations to this brand new family of three!


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