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Baby Payson | Just Born | Denver Newborn Photography At Home

Before I talk about how absolutely adorable baby Payson is, let me take a step back to tell you about how I met her amazing parents! Shaina and Patrick reached out to me last summer, they had JUST moved to Colorado (from Boston), for work. They were newly engaged and newly pregnant! They wanted to elope, just the two of them, somewhere beautiful and scenic in Colorado, somewhere private, and have it all photographed by me! I was ecstatic, I LOVE love stories like theirs! Unique, romantic, private, what a beautiful love story they have to tell. I was honored they chose me over so many photographers here in the Denver area! We worked for a bit on locations, decided on a beautiful spot in Boulder with overlooking mountain views and big evergreen trees! It was a warm sunny day, and we had the best time- it was their very first professional photoshoot together, AND the day they were becoming husband and wife. Shaina was wearing an absolutely stunning short white dress which showed her little baby bump, which I captured a few of! We talked all about how they had just found out it was a girl! Everyone was so happy for them!

Fast forward a few months later, little baby Payson makes her debut! I was overjoyed when these two booked me for newborn photos and Payson's very first photoshoot at just a few days old! I couldn't wait to meet their little girl, and I just adored Shaina and Patrick as a couple, I knew they would be amazing parents!

During the photoshoot we laughed about how their biggest life events happened within a year! These two moved across the country, got engaged, got pregnant, built a new home here in the Denver area, had a baby, all within the year! Oh, and went through a pandemic! If they survived all that, they can survive anything together! Just wow!

Of course Payson was just an angel baby for her photos, I knew she would be :) She was perfect when she was being held by mom and dad, several poses, lots of moving around, and perfect when it was time for her to shine in her solo photos too! She even let me get her into three different wraps! This little 5 pound peanut was just the sweetest and I had the best time photographing her, hanging with her parents again, and I can't wait to do it again for some family photos!

The best part, Shaina said to me while photographing Payson, "I hope you like us, because you're kind of our designated family photographer now". Yes Shaina, I do and I am SO happy about this!! I have the best people in my life :) Thanks for trusting me with photographing your biggest life events, forever!!!



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