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Baby Jack Just Born | Denver Newborn Photography


Ahh baby Jack! The sweetest little guy who lives in the most quaint, peaceful, gorgeous downtown Denver home built in the early1900's! When I look at these photos, I see real moments of love with the sweetest new parents. I see Saturday morning snuggles with a brand new baby, a cozy home enjoyed with a four legged friend, I smell coffee brewing, and a warm breeze blowing through the air. I see two people madly in love who just created a life together, and are living in pure love and bliss.

I know the reality of what is actually happening when bringing home a new baby and the work of being a new parents is not all butterflies and rainbows, but this morning I spent with this family was just easy, and lovely, and perfect. The photos of mom and dad rocking Jack in the rocking chair are probably my favorite of this entire newborn photo session. It was a moment where Jack started to cry, mom wanted to soothe him, and I happened to walk into the room to see this moment between the two of them, unscripted, unposed, and I had to capture it. This is where a lot of life will be spent, soothing, until Jack is too big to be rocked. But for now, these are the moments and the memories we hold on to. This is the life we are meant to live, the life that gives us purpose.

It is never too early or late to book your newborn session with me in the Denver or Boulder areas. I book newborns as early as 12 weeks pregnant, and as late as "the baby is already here"! Now, I do recommend actually reaching out and booking around 3 to 4 months before your baby actually is due to arrive to guarantee a spot on my calendar, but if you forgot, it's always worth a shot to see if I have any availability last minute to capture these moments you definitely won't want to miss!

I'm so happy for this brand new family of three, and so honored they asked me to be a part of capturing and saving these memories for them to remember forever. It was a great day for this little guy to have his first professional photos taken <3













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