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Audrey Six Months | Denver Baby Photography

Is it possible to be obsessed with someone else's baby?! Does that make me weird lol? Little Audrey girl, my goodness you are too cute!! Even if you didn't smile at me one time lol!! I think six months is such a fun age for a photo shoot! Well, any milestone age for that matter. It's so fun to see how different babies are, and how their personalities develop if I had photographed them as a newborn. I just couldn't get enough of this little girl. She LOVED starring directly into my camera, and loved mom and dads snuggles! And can we talk about this adorable little baby dress and headband from Amazon! What a great find!

We had the absolute best Colorado fall day for these family photos! It was this families very first photo shoot together as a new family of 3, and I am so honored to give them not only these pictures they will love forever, but this great experience too! We had beautiful warm weather, and the perfect amount of color in the trees in south Boulder that day. If you know anything about Colorado fall, you know that we ALWAYS get a snow storm in October, sometimes early October, which can completely turn all the leaves brown and give us a pretty ugly fall. Not the case in 2020... if it was one of the better things of the year, Boulder Colorado gave us one heck of a long gorgeous fall this year.

If you scroll through these photos, you'll see at the end we had to make the small hike to the mountain views. Not only was this photo shoot their first professional family photos, but they are also brand new to Colorado! We had to show off those mountains for all their friends and family back home to see :) Gosh I love this Boulder location, the absolute best of everything right here, it doesn't get better than this! I can't wait to bring more families here during every season of 2021!

I cannot wait to photograph little miss Audrey as a one year old, and hopefully many more times as long as her parents let me :)

Happy Fall Y'all!


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