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Asher | Just Born | Denver At-Home Newborn Photographer | New Baby Photography | Denver, CO

You may remember seeing these awesome people a few blog posts back for their maternity photos, well, here is the adorable little guy that was in Cilia's belly! Welcome to the world, Asher! I had the honor of photographing little Asher at just 7 days new! This family opted for my natural light studio option in Denver, for their newborn photoshoot! Which by the way is always an option, if you need! Most studios have a bed, a couple couches, and most importantly gorgeous bright natural light! I still photograph just as I would if I were in your home. I will most likely tuck you right next to the windows, sitting on the couch and/or bed, and have all my baskets, wraps, headbands, and flooring available. I will photograph a variety of different family poses and combinations- the whole family together, parents with the new baby, each parent with the new baby, and of course the baby solo, just as you see as you scroll through this session. It's cozy and warm and there are different options depending on which studio we use. Fingers crossed your baby will sleep the entire time, like Asher (lol) and everything will go perfectly smooth!

Studio sessions are a great idea if you are in the middle of a move, if you know your house is dark and doesn't have good natural light, or you feel more comfortable going out than having me in your home!

Oh sweet little Asher, first of all, I adore his name! I have only met one other Asher who is now almost 2 and I love photographing him! So of course I'm hoping I have the opportunity to photograph THIS Asher several more times, since he and his parents are just awesome! Asher, 7 days new at his very first photoshoot, was an absolute angel baby! This kid slept through his entire session, multiple different poses with mom and dad, and many different swaddles and baskets for his solo shots! It sure makes newborn photography a breeze when this happens! Also, I can't get over his thick dark hair, and the way his mom and dad are totally in love and obsessed with him! Peep photos- you'll see what I mean!

I couldn't be happier for this new family of three!! Congratulations!!



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