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An Outdoor Spring Session in Denver, CO

Let's be honest, when most of us think of Colorado, or having family photos in Colorado, we think of the mountains. We think of a lovely mountain backdrop, an open field with a mountain backdrop, or perhaps being on a trail in a woodsy area. We may think rustic, outdoorsy, wide open spaces with tall grass, trails, logs, big rocks, and a nice beautiful golden hour. What IF I told you all of the photos you're about to see were taken in the MORNING at a location in downtown Denver? I know I know, not what we typically think of when we think Colorado, but Colorado spring is a gorgeous time of year! Now, I know spring technically starts around March 20th, and March and April can be Denver's two snowiest/wettest months, however, once we make it to the end of April to the middle or late of May, we get some of the most beautiful spring days! Spring in Denver offers cherry blossom trees, lilac bushes, pops of wildflowers, and everything is SO green! And besides all those reasons to do spring family photos in Denver, additionally, sessions can take place in the morning or evening which is a great option for families with younger kids. I know the adjustment to the longer days in the spring can make it harder for evening/golden hour sessions. So, a perfect reason to do a spring morning family photoshoot! And bonus- the flowers will look amazing in the backdrop of your photos, they smell amazing (although they won't be scratch & sniff photos), and this is the perfect setting for mothers day portraits! Whether it's just your immediate family, your kids, or your extended family visiting from out of town, you really can't go wrong with this non-mountain Colorado backdrop ;)

Don't sleep on booking a Colorado spring flowering session! I have many flowering locations around the Denver, Westminster, and Boulder areas! Book a session with me to find the best spot for your family photos!


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