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An in-home lifestyle newborn session with Redrock Portrait Design

In-home lifestyle newborn sessions are cozy, relaxed, and perfect for photographing your family as it is, in your own comfortable environment! Maybe you have certain spaces in your home that mean a whole lot to you, you set up the nursery so beautifully, or it's just plain easier for me to come to you. In your home newborn session we work with what you have, and the phase of life you are in today. Keep in mind, I do use all natural light, so I will suggest finding the bright lit rooms within your home for picture-taking sake. We can move some things out of the way, or move around furniture if needed to create a space that will work great for pictures. As you can see in these photos from other recent in-home sessions, I do usually crop tightly, so we won't need an entirely photo-ready house, but rather a few areas picked up with nice lighting :) If you're not sure if your home gets enough light to have a photoshoot, not a problem at all, just start paying attention to what rooms are brightest throughout the day with the window curtains all open and any artificial lights turned off. Feel free to send me photos of a few rooms in your home, and I can help determine if in-home newborn photography would be a good fit for you!

Lifestyle photos are some of my favorites! I pose you in a natural, (but put-together) way, have you admire your new baby, snuggle with your spouse, play with your kids, and capture those precious tiny details that won't last forever. In a lifestyle newborn session, you can expect about 70% of photos to be of the family, whether it be a combo of the entire family together, each parent with the baby, or the sibling(s) with the baby. However, it may not be always focused on you, we may capture your baby's swirl of hair with your hand holding their head up, or their tiny little fingers wrapped around yours. Photos like these make up beautiful lifestyle photos to document your life as it is now. The other 30%(ish) of photos will be of just your baby, so I may lay them on a bed, the couch, or floor, so you will be sure to have the portraits of your new baby in a variety of ways as well!

I will bring a few neutral wraps (and simple headbands for the girls) with me to your session for you to use if you'd like! A lot of times wrapping the baby will be the best option- not only for a nice tight comforting warm hug for the baby, wraps also look nice in photos, and make it easy to pull out their limbs for those fingers and toes photos :) If you'd rather put your baby in something you have for them instead, such as a onesie, go ahead! I do suggest that they are in something that fits them well and isn't too large or baggy.

A few things to consider:

In-home lifestyle newborn sessions generally take an hour and a half to two hours. You will not be photographed the entire time, this includes the time to take a look around your home to determine the spots we will use for your session. Not all family members will be photographed the entire time, so there will be breaks.

I recommend newborn photos happen within our around the two week mark if possible. If this can't happen, don't stress, I can still photograph your baby as they grow!

I typically start in-home newborn sessions around 10 in the morning.

If you have family pets, I am a-okay with including them in a few photos. We will likely bring them into the photos last, after they have had a chance to warm up to me and to give them time to settle.

Have any questions- just ask :)