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A Studio Maternity Session with Redrock Portrait Design

It's no secret that natural light photography studio sessions are trending right now. Especially studio maternity sessions. I see some version of these maternity sessions every time I scroll social media lately! Whether it be a solo mom and bump session (which I freaking love!) or what I call a "bring your hubby to your maternity shoot" session, where he pops in for just a few here and there, (because let's be honest, that's all he's comfortable with anyway!) Or you bring your entire family along to love and snuggle on you and your bump. Either way, these sessions are freaking amazing and feel so empowering showing off that baby bump! I remember my mom saying, "Oh my have things changed since I was pregnant. Back in my day we would wear baggy clothes to hide our bellies because we didn't want to look any bigger or even show our pregnant bellies." Now we have these drop-dead-incredible woman showing off bare bellies, more skin, and I think it's freaking incredible! If you are even slightly considering a session like this, you should do it! Trust me, just do it! You will love these photos and love looking back on these once your baby is here, and especially as time goes on. Even if you have no desire to show anyone these photos and you keep them just for yourself, I promise you won't regret them <3

My natural light photography studio in downtown Frederick is the perfect place for these sessions. We have beautiful natural light any time of day, a bright clean look, and perfect minimal furniture options. As you see in these photos, sometimes all we need is a simple bench, a stool, the edge of the bed, or nothing at all! After all, it is all about YOU, and that is kind of the point of these sessions ;)


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