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A newborn session at my studio

So you're trying to decide between an at-home newborn session, and an in-studio newborn session. I'm here to tell you there are pros and cons to both! So it really comes down to you- and here I will help explain a little bit about the differences, and the benefits to a newborn session in my studio, Little White Photo Studio.

At my studio, you can count on nice even bright light, a "clean" white/neutral aesthetic, and a warm cozy environment. I keep a newborn posing bean bag at the studio to create images of baby in a relaxed natural pose. This also allows me to easily bring in siblings who may not be able to hold the baby just yet. It is an easy way to have your older child lean over to kiss baby's head, interact with, or lay with baby.

I keep a variety of newborn wraps, comfy blankets, and headbands at the studio to be used during your session! If you have anything special you'd like to bring with you and add to the photos, that's totally great too! Things to consider bringing- a onesie, a small stuffed animal, a special handmade blanket, etc.

You can dress up or down as much as you'd like! It may be your first outing as a new family, and after feeling a little stir crazy, it might feel good to get out of the house and dressed up a little for a photoshoot! Weather you decide on a more casual jeans/t-shirt look, or dress/dress shirt look is right for you, either style will look great at the studio!

I have a small bed and couch for easy family posing, which can also be used for mom/baby and dad/baby poses as well. My studio style is relaxed and comfortable, but lightly posed and "put together" at the same time. If you lean more toward this simple and clean style, I'd say a studio newborn session is for you!

Things to consider:

Maybe your home doesn't have the best natural light? Maybe the idea of "tidying up" things in your home sounds daunting? Maybe the idea of going to a studio and letting me take care of everything sounds like a good idea!

I recommend newborn photos happen within our around the two week mark if possible. If this can't happen, don't stress, I can still photograph your baby as they grow! SO, this means leaving your house with a newborn. Being prepared- allowing extra time to feed your baby before we get started with photos to help with a calm, sleepy baby. Bringing a pacifier to help soothe, a bottle if your baby takes it, and your diaper bag of course. And maybe an extra set of clothes for yourselves "just in case". Bring snacks/lunch if you think you'll need it. Here at the studio we do have some little snacks and cold water bottles for you, AND we are located on main street in Frederick, surrounded by a few local eatery's! You can expect your newborn session to take about 2 hours :)


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