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The G Family | Family Photos With A One Year Old | Cohen Turns One | Boulder Family Photographers |

This Boulder location has easily become one of my favorites to photograph at this summer. You just can't beat those mountain views, super green grass, wild flowers and the secluded atmosphere! The fresh summer air and mild hike that comes with this location has been so rewarding and refreshing. Having an area (almost) all to ourselves for your photoshoot is important to me, I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera and not like you're being starred at or watched the entire time. It's a tall order to find these days in Colorado, especially in Boulder. There are several locations I used to photograph at many times a week, years ago that just aren't possible to have a photoshoot at anymore due to crowds of people and several other photographers. So, I'll say it again, this location is my little slice of heaven in Boulder and I absolutely love being able to bring my clients here and provide a great experience for them!

Which brings me to the next thing- photographing the Garrity family- they are just the best! I really do believe I have the best clients ever! And this cute family of three is at the top of my list! Photographing Cohen since he was just a bump in his mommas belly to now photographing him turning ONE (that went fast!!) I have loved watching his little personality grow and turn into his own little person and of course watching these two become parents to the best little boy! Cohen wasn't quite sure about me and my camera right away, but he absolutely loves tickles, games, and interaction from his mom and dad, so we rolled with that! And boy oh boy are they good at that! They 1000% bring their energy to their photoshoots and it is the best ever!

I'm a little sad Cohen has turned one so quickly because I might only see him once a year now...but let's hope not!! It's a love/hate relationship with my milestone sessions- I go from seeing and photographing my clients four times in a year to maybe once or twice a year after they turn one. My oh my time sure does go fast!

Happy first birthday sweet boy!

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