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The "C" Family | Spring Photos in Denver, Colorado | Denver Family Photographers | Redrock

I adore this family! One vision I've had for my business years and years ago when I first started was that I'd be able to grow with my clients. Meaning, I didn't love ONLY photographing weddings or babies or families, I loved photographing all of them! So why choose just one? Over and over again we are told to specialize in just one. Well I broke out of the mold a little and decided I was going to specialize in growing love. I truly loved and wanted to photograph couples when they first got engaged, their wedding, when they got pregnant, and as their family continued to grow. Even if it grew by dogs (which I have many dog children families too!) I hated the thought of only seeing and photographing a couple or family one time and never seeing them again. I love to form connection with my couples and families. I want to catch up like we are friends and I want the kids to know who I am so they will love smiling at me and playing in front of my camera!

Years ago (I think 6 now) I met and photographed Brittney and Scott's wedding! It was at Hudson Gardens and I remember it being one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever been too. It was a hot late summer day and the place was filled with flowers. They had a rather large wedding with friends and family visiting from all over. Back then, even before I really knew them, I could just see how loved they were by absolutely everyone. Now I understand why- these are two of the kindest humans I've ever met, and not just them, their entire families too! I have now photographed over 9 sessions for this family (2 of them being family weddings, 7 of them being milestone sessions for their adorable kiddos)!

When these two told me they were pregnant with their first born and wanted ME to be their family photographer, I was ecstatic! Not only did they book a maternity session with me, but my entire milestone package! And now for both kids! That's 4 sessions a year! Which is amazing because now I really feel like I've gotten to know them and seeing these two kiddos grow is just incredible!

This session in particular was for baby Adahlee's six month milestone! It was the first session I photographed after being in quarantine for covid-19 for 3 months. It felt GOOD to get back out there. It was a perfect spring morning in sunny Denver and I knew just the spot to bring them! I came across this location by accident a few years back and it has quickly become one of my favorites that will work for a morning OR evening session. Only one down side- these lilacs are only in bloom for about 2 weeks, huge bummer. BUT, just imagine the smells we got during our hour long session in the middle of a lilac bush path- incredible! I even got some big smiles out of Adahlee and great cooperation from big brother Axton! These photos are some of my favorite of their family, and I love giving them the gift of these priceless memories to have forever!

Happy half birthday, baby girl! See you when you're ONE!

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