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Kansas Pearl Turns One | Fruit Bath First Birthday Photoshoot | Northern Colorado Baby Photographers

Oh Kansas, you are such a happy baby! I have had the privilege of photographing little Kansas a few times over the past year- as a bump in her mommy's belly, when she first arrived into this world, at six months old, and now again as she turns one! Watching and photographing this little girl grow with her big personality has been pure joy! She has truly transformed from a little baby to a little girl with her own personality in a blink of an eye! Every single photoshoot, she has been an angel baby with the biggest smile on her face!

I was so excited to plan this special first birthday photoshoot with her mommy! Not only is she wearing a special dress that two of her best friends wore for their first birthday photoshoots, but Kansas was born at the kick off of summer. So, what better way of documenting your first birthday photoshoot, then making it super summery! I wanted to plan an outdoor fruit bath for this little country girl! We weren't positive Kansas would love sitting in it, but SURPRISE! She did! She loved it and wanted to eat all the fruit :)

A couple things I've learned from photographing kids fruit bath sessions. First, mix hot water with your milk, if you don't do this the water will be too cold for your little one to sit in and enjoy themselves, no matter how warm it is outside. Second, put a cabinet or drawer liner or small towel at the bottom of your bucket so it won't be too slippery for your little one to sit on. Third, fill with lots and lots of fruit so it looks nice and full. Make sure to put a swim diaper on your little one, and bring a towel and change of clothes for after the photos. And finally, let your little one have fun! I love when your baby can splash and play around however they'd like! There is probably nothing cuter!

Happy First Birthday, Kansas Pearl, you have been such a joy to photograph throughout your first year of life!

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