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The "D" Family | Winter Maternity Photos | Boulder, Colorado Family Photographers | Outdoo

This snowy February maternity photoshoot was just what I needed in the middle of winter! I am absolutely in love with the magic we created with these photos and of course this gorgeous family! It's so amazing to get the creative juices flowing again when it's considered "off season" for photographers. I wish there wasn't an off season at all because 1) I love what I do!!! And 2) I love photographing in the snow, in the winter! Especially a pregnancy photoshoot! Elri totally blew it out of the water with her stunning emerald green dress! When she first reached out to me to plan her maternity photo session she told me about this dress she was thinking of wearing. I immediately said YES you have to wear that! I love long sleeve dresses and I thought the color would be absolutely perfect in the winter. Especially if we were lucky enough to get some snow in our dry Colorado winter- and WE DID! Yay! I was so incredibly happy that when we finally got to the day of their photoshoot, we had just gotten a fresh snow, but luckily we had some nice mid 40 degree weather which was icing on the cake. We had some light clouds diffusing the sun which sealed the deal with a beautiful golden hour over the Boulder mountains. Seriously I am in love with these photos and SO happy they chose me to be their photographer!

Let me back up to the beginning of this photoshoot when I got to meet adorable two year old James! Mom and Dad told me right from the beginning, he doesn't typically smile for photos and this could be hit or miss with him. Typical toddlers, am I right? Well, James and I hit it off right from the beginning. He found a rock to stand on and just loved showing me how tall he was. Before we knew it I had mom and dad throwing him in the air, tickling him, playing airplane and he was one happy, smiley little boy! I'm not sure he even knew I was taking his picture and that's a-okay, as long as he was having fun and I was capturing those priceless last moments of him being an only child with mom and dad, I just loved that! James did seem to remember (when asked) that there was a baby brother in mommy's tummy and even pointed to him once or twice. Boy will he make the best big brother! I can already imagine these two boys growing up being the best of friends! These boys are so lucky they have Elri and Mark as their parents. Seriously, these people are the kindest, most patient people and really know how to have a good time while remaining laid back. I absolutely loved working with this family and can't wait to do it again in the future!

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