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Mackenzie is One! | Boulder Children Photography | Family Photographers Boulder, Colorado | Redrock

Oh Mackenzie, where do I begin? This little girl is the sweetest thing! She may have given me some very serious faces in her one year photoshoot, but you can't be fooled. She is so smart and so curious, we may have had to play with her a bunch to loosen her up to give smiles to my camera. Oh and hand her lots of flowers to hold. That worked :) I just love this little girl and I have been fortunate enough to photograph her while her mamma was pregnant with her, and again as a brand new newborn baby! Watching her grow over the year and watching her little shy personality develop is such a joy. I was so excited to bring this little family to one of my favorite Boulder locations, which I know gets wild flowers for a few weeks in the summer. I knew Mackenzie would just look so beautiful sitting in that patch of purple flowers! I was right :)

Although, the weather doesn't always like to cooperate with us, we actually got pretty lucky for this outdoor Boulder photoshoot. Colorado likes to keep us on our toes! We were JUST wrapping up the session when the dark clouds started rolling in. Within seconds it went from a beautiful day, to the worst hail storm I have ever experienced. We all ran to the cars, getting soaked along the way. Luckily we had a few blankets to wrap this little girl in and made it back quickly and thank goodness we were done with our photos! I will never forget this day! Phew that was a close call! I remember last summer when we were photographing Kelly's pregnancy, we had to reschedule THREE times due to bad hail storms! What the heck Colorado?! Luckily, it always works out and photo's always come out beautifully!

I am so happy to have met Dave and Kelly all those years ago, 7 I believe, when I photographed their wedding in Estes Park, Colorado! These two are the best and I was over the moon excited when they thought of me to photograph their growing family! I hope it only continues to get bigger and bigger with more love and kiddos and dogs! :) Happy first birthday, Mackenzie!

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