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Alya, the best big sister to Aydan and the best kisser in the entire world! When I say I have 100 photos just of Alya kissing her brother, her mother, father and even grandma, I'm not joking! This little girl I can't get enough of!! I usually have to bribe the kiddos to give kisses to anyone, but little Alya couldn't STOP giving kisses. I swear it was the cutest thing ever! She seriously has the cutest personality, and so much love to give! I'm not sure if this cutie has ever met a stranger, she is so outgoing, SO SMART, and talkative at not even three years old! She was absolutely the star of the show during her baby brothers photoshoot. (Sorry Aydan).

This family is the absolute best! I first met them when Nadia was pregnant with Alya for her maternity photos! I remember it was winter time and we went to a mountain top in Boulder for their photoshoot. It was snowy, it was windy, it was freezing. But they stuck it out and we got some incredible photos out of it. Gosh it feels like so long ago but also just yesterday at the same time! Now, 3 years later, I had the privilege of photographing Aydan in the belly and now as a newborn, in the comfort of their own home! I am seriously so excited for this adorable family to be welcoming another baby, they just make the best parents (and cutest babies) and now they are blessed with raising a boy and girl! How special is that?!

New baby Aydan, he was due on Christmas day! However, he didn't want to wait, it appeared he had other plans and wanted to be home with his family for Christmas, so he arrived the week before instead lol. What a fun time of year to be born. All the joy of the holiday season mixed with excitement of a new baby, along with snowy day cuddles, that would be the best in my opinion. I'm not sure if all parents feel the same way, but these guys seem to have it all under control!

Aydan was an absolute angel for his very first photoshoot! I arrived to their Denver home the week after Christmas for his newborn photos and I think he knew what I was coming to do because he slept through his ENTIRE SESSION! Not one peep out of that baby. Maybe it's second child syndrome, but wow, I was impressed. It was so cute when he was being cradled by mom or dad, watching the whole family gather around to admire him and soak in the happiness of their newest addition like he belonged all along. Even big sister Alya had a chance at holding him, counting his fingers and toes and feeling how soft his hair was :)

I always enjoy photographing this adorable family and can't wait until the next time!! Congratulations to them on welcoming their new baby boy!!

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