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The B Family | Downtown Denver Family Photography | Denver Maternity Photography | Denver, Colorado

Okay, can we just take a minute to recognize how gorgeous this woman right here is?! Wow! Just wait until you see her adorable daughter, too! I have the cutest story to tell about little Aliya that I will talk about later. It was just before Christmas, on a very warm downtown Denver day! This little babe is due ON Christmas day and we needed to capture his bump photos before he arrives! I talk about this a bunch in some other blog posts, but I do not like the look of "dead" trees in the winter. So, a lot of my usual spring, summer or fall locations I do not use in the winter. I just don't like how there will sometimes be dead branches everywhere, brown grass etc... (which can be really beautiful, but it's not always for me). If there's snow, that's a whole different story! I actually have a list of designated "winter" locations around the Denver or Boulder areas that I offer exclusively to my clients. These can show off the beauty of totally different areas in a different way, that I might not use when there is lush green grass and trees. I am always drawn to nature, but getting outside of my comfort zone often is great to get the creative juices flowing! An excellent way to do that is opting for a good downtown Denver, urban spot. Denver has so much to offer that I often look past in months that have that lush greenery. With that being said, Downtown Denver is definitely a go-to in the winter! I am so glad the "B" family chose this spot!

I had the opportunity to photograph this adorable family when they were pregnant with their first little angel. For their first maternity session, we went to the mountains, it was fall and they were so excited to welcome this little girl! Fast forward a few years, this time it's a boy! And they wanted to do something different for these maternity photos, so off to downtown Denver we went! We got so lucky this day, it was in the 60's, a very pleasant day in December, in Denver. The public was out walking a riding bikes, it was such a wonderful change of scenery. Big sister Aliya was shy at first, hesitant to give me some smiles, but eventually broke out of her shyness when she got to swing by mom and dads hands, got tickled, and even got to tickle her baby brother herself. At the very end of the photoshoot, when it was time to photograph just mom and dad (+baby bump), I had Aliya stand next to me and asked her to help get mom and dad to smile. Dad handed her his cell phone and she started taking pictures of them too! Little photographer in the making here! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen, I just had to get some pictures of her! (See when you scroll all the way to the bottom of this blog, you have to see how cute this is!) Of course, we got those laughs and smiles out of mom and dad! This little girl has the best personality and is going to make the best big sister to her little brother! I can't wait to photograph them all again in their home, when this little guy arrives for his newborn session! Congratulations to this adorable family!!

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