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2020 Fall Family Minis | Denver Family Photographers

Each year I plan a few dates for some fall family minis. I like to pick a different location each year, not only to give those who do fall minis with me every single year a different backdrop, but also, Colorado has so much beauty to offer! How can I possibly choose just one place? Fall family minis are perfect for those families who want just a few photos, maybe for a holiday card, families who like to do photo shoots multiple times a year and don't want to invest in a full session, or those who have little ones who only want to spend 10 to 20 minutes taking pictures.

2020 was a difficult and challenging year to say the least. My spring was basically cancelled, not working for the first part of the year was something new, and scary, but I believe strongly in my photography business that I have worked so hard for, and all my loyal clients. All this meant, was that you all were READY to get out, get dressed up, and get in front of my camera come fall. It's been a long time of the unknown, but seeing you all with your adorable kids, making memories in front of the camera, it is all cherished and appreciated now more than ever.

I am extremely grateful that I have the same loyal clients that choose me as their family photographer year after year, and meeting new families each year has brought me so much joy.

Thank you to everyone who supports my photography business. Whether it be booking a photo shoot with me, following me on social media, or referring me to your friends and family, it is so very appreciated!

Happy Holidays! See you all next year!



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