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The Garrity Family | Christmas Tree Farm | Family Photos | Boulder, Colorado | Redrock Portrait Desi

Tis the season for Christmas tree farm family photography sessions! This session feels like its straight out of Pinterest, and I'm obsessed with the photos we created! I have always dreamed of photographing at a Christmas Tree farm here in Boulder, Colorado. Sure, I've been to some pretty epic locations that could maybe feel like a tree farm, although those are very very large evergreen trees, and on public land in the mountains. Believe it or not, Colorado doesn't have too many that look like this. Or at least what I have found, and that allow professional photography. I came across this very special place over the summer and started working with the owners way back then, to be able to bring this session to life in December!! Yep, I actually had clients contacting me about their Christmas card photos, over the summer, which is so awesome!! I try not to live too planned and too far in the future, but this was one of these sessions that took some planning, and for a good reason. It all came together perfectly, and I got to photograph the Garrity family just before Christmas at this absolutely perfect tree farm in Boulder!

Would you believe me if I told you this photoshoot happened on a very warm, very busy Sunday in the beginning of December? Yep, just when what felt like all of Boulder was at this very same Christmas tree farm picking out their Christmas trees! Oh this location sure had it's challenges that I was not quite expecting. Waiting for crowds of people to walk right in front of us JUST when I got the baby to smile at me, or the insane amount of mud that we were walking in and standing in throughout the entire location. It was worth ALL of that and I can't wait to photograph more families here next year! Luckily, I have some super cool families, including the Garrity family who didn't mind one bit. They were so happy (as they always are when I see them), so excited, and just couldn't wait to love on their new baby Cohen for my camera!

Sweet little Cohen was almost 6 months, gave me the cutest little smiles from time to time, and even sat up in the little chair I brought for him! He seemed to love being at the tree farm as well and even did some people watching lol. Strangers thought he was pretty darn cute too :) He got to hold the "Merry Christmas" sign, got thrown in the air to give some giggles, and got tons of kisses from mom and dad! What a lucky little guy! I always enjoy seeing and photographing this family and can't wait to do it again soon!

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