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Chris + Rachel | Spring Blossom Maternity Photo's | 2019 | Boulder, Colorado Maternity Photograp

Spring is in the air! These beautiful white blossoms were the perfect touch for a little girl maternity session! Okay, this is seriously one of my favorite locations in the north Denver area at spring time! It's not necessarily a park or anything like that, just a gorgeous clump of trees I found one day that I thought would make for a beautiful photoshoot! So I started taking clients here about 4 years ago and It's kind of a secret, because it's THAT GOOD. Every client I have brought here has been in awe of these trees. It can be tricky to time the full bloom correctly, so having a flexible schedule for this location is kind of necessary. Once they bloom, they only last ONE WEEK and that's if were lucky and don't get a freak spring snow storm that kills them (which we get every year darn it!)

Don't get me wrong, I love the pink blossom trees too, but these are different because of how big they get and how many there are! Just as beautiful in different ways :) I always love when clients opt for the all white blossoms! I think Rachel's pink dress was the perfect touch for this location. Especially since she is having a girl!

I always love photographing these two! I first had the opportunity to have them in front of my camera for their wedding a few years back! I remember being totally in love with their wedding and how they did it! Back then, I hadn't photographed too many small/intimate weddings, so maybe theirs was the start of my love for these types of weddings! It was just the two of them with 12-15 of their closest family members. It was in Breckenridge at a small lodge, in October, and it was dumping snow. Like big fat accumulating snow flakes! The ceremony was outside and Rachel was wearing a long sleeve beaded dress that was GORGEOUS. I remember it being freezing, but the pictures were so beautiful and so worth it!

All these years later, I'm lucky enough that they still call me their photographer! Now with a growing family, I couldn't be more excited. This little girl is so lucky and is going to have the best parents! I look forward to many more years of photographing babies for this amazing, kind, loving couple! Pregnancy looks so good on you Rachel!!

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