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Baby Theodore | Denver Baby Photography | Newborn Photographers | Lifestyle Photoshoot | Redrock Por

Just look at that face! I can't get enough of sweet baby Theo, photographed at just 11 days new! This little boy is so loved by his mom and dad and even big puppy sister too (who couldn't stop kissing (licking) his face). Theo was the sleepiest little boy through his entire photoshoot. He did so well for me, letting me pose him in any which way, he got licked to death by his big sister which didn't even seem to phase him. He loved snuggling in mom and dad's arms and definitely loved when the heat was turned up all the way, causing everyone else in the room to sweat lol. This little guy made the cutest faces for me and was overall such a perfect easy baby!

I was so in love with and so excited to photograph in Lauren and Ricky's cozy home. There was amazing bright light in almost every room of the home, which made it extremely hard to choose which areas to use for photos. Too many choices, ha! It's almost as if their home was styled as a natural light photography studio with lots of clean, bright light! Ultimately I chose Theo's adorable woodland themed nursery, because that was too adorable not to show, the living room, and mom and dad's bedroom. Each room had something to add to the overall success and variety of this photoshoot.

Scrolling through these photos puts such a happy smile on my face. Lauren and Ricky's smiles are just radiant and glowing with happiness and it really shines through these photographs. You can see how absolutely smitten they are with their brand new baby. Their kindness, patience and love pour over onto little Theo. This little man is so lucky to have these two as his mommy and daddy. This new family of 4 were so much fun to work with, everyone loved my camera and it was just a wonderful, exciting morning in this household. I loved getting to know everyone over the few hours I spent in their home and I look forward to photographing this baby and his family many more times as he continues to grow into his own little personality.

Congratulations Lauren + Ricky on welcoming your new baby boy!

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