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Baby Theo | At-Home Newborn Photography | Denver Newborn Photographers | Denver, Colorado | Redrock

Would you believe me if I told you all these newborn photos were taken in a downtown Denver apartment?! Yep that's right, a one bed, one bath apartment in the heart of Denver, Colorado. To these new parents, they really didn't care where they were living, as long as they called it "home" when they brought little Theo into this world. I feel often times clients are afraid of doing their newborn photos at home if they aren't already living in their dream home. Well I'm here to squash that nonsense and show you different. You see, these guys were in between homes, they were brand new to Denver, just moved here from Seattle, found out weeks later they were expecting (surprise!!) and hadn't purchased a home yet, why rush? In the meantime, they had this adorable apartment on the 4th floor and they made it work! Not only did it "work", it was awesome! I actually love photographing in apartments, clean white walls and big windows in ever room! What more could a photographer ask for? They decorated with artwork they've collected from all over the world and definitely made it their own, and very cozy I might add. They even used the other side of the only bedroom in the apartment for Theo's "room" where the crib was placed with cute nursery decor.

I did everything I would normally do for a newborn session in a free standing home, I carried all my newborn gear up the elevator and down a never ending hallway. I brought the cutest wraps and bows and even baskets for Theo, like I do for every newborn session. The only difference, I had all this extra glorious light to work with!! I felt like I couldn't stop photographing because of how good this all was. (Mom and dad probably wanted me out of their hair after a few hours lol).

Okay look at how adorable this baby is!! I mean seriously, these two make an absolutely beautiful baby! I couldn't get over her long dark hair and eyelashes and perfect skin tone. Not only is she totally adorable, but this little girl slept through her entire session!! She only at the very end, peeked her eyes open at me to see what was going on. Which I was lucky enough to capture quickly, because it's only of my favorite photos from this session! What an angel! Theo has the best parents whom I was so honored to meet. They are so down to earth, so welcoming, and just the kindest people. We talked all about what it was like growing up in Seattle, and the differences they see here in Denver. I truly love getting to know my clients and where they come from and all that makes up their "story". Documenting this very special little girl and special time in their lives was the highlight of my month! I am over the moon thrilled they found me and gave me that opportunity!! Congratulations to this new family on welcoming their sweet baby girl!

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