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Velouria's Half Birthday | Six Months Old | Denver Baby Photography | Denver Family Photographer

Look at that happy baby! I can't get enough of sweet little Velouria's smile, or these gorgeous summer flowers on a warm September morning! This first photo your seeing is the very first photo I took at the very beginning of the session. And it happens to maybe be my favorite.... I think. I might have lied bout that because I have SO many favorites from this session! Confession, I don't usually photograph at this time of day, like ever. It was around 9:00am in September, hours after sunrise. Not typically my specialty as I'm usually an evening, just before sunset type of photographer. Or morning just after sunrise, although I don't prefer that time because I'm not a morning person AT ALL. My thoughts about that changed a little after this day. With baby's nap schedules and sleep schedules, its not always possibly to photograph in the perfect light at the perfect time of day. I totally understand that. What I can control about Colorado's harsh sun, is the location we choose to shoot at. Making sure there is some form of shade, diffused sun, or black lighting, and knowing the direction of the sun at the location we will be shooting at. I have been a photographer in the Denver and Boulder area long enough now, I have some prime locations that I know pretty well. This is one of the perks of hiring a professional photographer, we know the ins and outs and all details of this stuff, so you won't have to worry about it. All you need to worry about it showing up looking fabulous with your adorable families!

We truly did get lucky the morning of this family photoshoot. It was mid September, typically when you start to see signs of fall, but summer was still in full swing here in Denver. We had absolutely perfect temps, not too hot not too chili, and flowers in full bloom! That sunshine really did make the colors of the trees and flowers pop! Wow! I was so in love with all these colors!

This was my first time meeting the "M" family, and we hit it off right away. We talked about all the cool cities they've lived in before calling Denver home, but mostly couldn't stop awing at how cute Velouria was with her bright blue eyes and big smile. This little girl I just couldn't get enough of! I mean, look at that face! She loved getting to be a big girl sitting in the chair all by herself, standing tall with mom and dads help. She even loved being tickled and was obsessed with the purple flowers! At the end of the session, mom and dad sat her down in front of the garden and this little girl couldn't sit still. She was on the move and headed straight for the garden. Luckily, I was right there with my camera ready to capture her little personality, her little slice of heaven in this big world. I adored this family and can't wait to photograph them again! AND I can't wait to photograph another family in the summer of 2020 at this very same location because now I'm really in love.

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