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The C Family | Colorado Family Photography | Maternity Photos | Red Rocks, Colorado | Redrock Portra

These beautiful red rocks in the beginning of fall are the perfect Colorado backdrop for a photoshoot! It's been a few years since I've shot at this amazing location and man, I'm glad I gave it another try! I used to live close by these incredible red rocks, but after moving over an hour away, I just don't make it here as often anymore. The "C" family live pretty far south of Denver, so when it came time to plan their maternity/family session, this was one of the locations I mentioned as an option not too far from them. I am SO glad they chose it! I remember when I was brand new to Colorado, I heard about this location from a friend and decided to go check it out. Just for fun one day, I took another photographer friend who was also new to Colorado with me and we hiked it! I knew I'd be back one day soon for some epic photoshoots. I came back several times that year, many maternity sessions, family session, even engagement sessions took place here. It is a pretty epic, iconic Colorado location. One of the things I love about this location is that there is so much variety. Not only do you have the gorgeous red rocks, but the bushes with a little bit of color and so much texture are amazing, and even a pathway with low covered trees. I love using a mix of all these different spots at this location. AND we get a little bit of exercise from walking to all these cool spots :) When you invest in a professional photographer, you're also investing in their knowledge of the coolest Colorado locations....just sayin ;)

Okay, I love these people! They are some of the kindest I have ever met! I have been SO LUCKY to have worked with them several times over the years, so you could say I've really gotten to know them. Our relationship started oh about 6 years ago when I was their wedding photographer!! Now with a growing family, they have booked my milestone package for both their babies. Which means, I have photographed Ashton when he was a bump in the belly, again as a newborn baby, six months old, one year old, and now I get to photograph this little girl just the same. What lucky kids to have parents that love documenting their milestones! Mom and dad are now expecting a little girl, which will be the perfect addition to their family! During their session (all of them really), I talk about how obsessed I am with Ashton's curly blonde locks, we were doing some day dreaming about what this little girl would look like and if she would come out with some curly hair or not. I can't wait to see! I can't wait to see them again as a family of four and see Ashton as a big brother! So many exciting things happening for them. I just loved seeing and photographing this family again for their maternity photos and can't wait to photograph this little girl! Congratulations to the "C" family!

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