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The Stevens Family | Boulder, Colorado Family Photoshoot | Boulder Family Photographer | Redrock Por

The Stevens family came to visit Colorado, all the way from St. Louis, Missouri! This adventurous family takes a big vacation to a new location, every year. All of them together, three separate families. How cool is that? These guys know the true value of cherishing family time spent together and really having a good time doing it. And they didn't just come to Colorado to hang out, they planned every excursion and packed in as much as they could possibly do and see. From hiking to white water rafting, they have really done their homework about our state and are making the most of their trip here! I really admire them for loving the quality family time, AND for scheduling a professional family photography session to help remember it by.

Compared to all the sight seeing these guys have done, this photoshoot may not have been the highlight of the trip (I can accept that lol), but they all sure had great attitudes and we all had a blast together in the short hour that I got to know everyone. Each one of these family members were so unbelievably kind and so happy to be here. We even got rained on for a few minutes that evening, but it was no big deal to them!

I wanted to bring the Stevens family to my favorite Boulder location for a few reasons. One, I really wanted to give them a "Colorado-y" backdrop, just look at those flatirons! Two, summer time wild flowers! Which I knew would be in bloom during the time of their photoshoot. Three, this particular spot is secluded, not too many people come here, it's kind of a hidden gem. So I knew there wouldn't be too many distractions and that the kids could run around and play and be themselves in the Colorado nature.

An important goal of mine to photographing extended families is focusing on capturing many different grouping of family members. I enjoy making sure to capture grandparents with the grand kinds, all individual families, all cousins and of course the entire group. I also love capturing kiddos (and adults) having fun in each others company. It is so important to document your days and your loved ones and being a small part of those memories is amazing! Photographing this fun family was a dream, and I hope they come back to Colorado some day down the road so we can do it again!

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