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Dan + Allie | Boulder Flatirons Maternity Photoshoot | Boulder, Colorado Photographer | Redrock Port

I LOVE incorporating bright colored clothing into photoshoots with scenic nature. A little "pop" of color is a great way to really make your photos stand out! Allie made that happen in her maternity photoshoot and I am in love! When She showed up in this bright red dress, wow, just wow. So many times clients naturally gravitate towards neutrals or earth tones. I don't blame them because I have done the same thing in my own personal photo sessions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those colors, but something about wearing a really bright color in a nature setting has me stopping my scroll. I know it can be a bold choice because most of us naturally gravitate towards neutrals (safe colors) but most people can absolutely rock those bold colors too! Think about giving it a try some time in the near future :)

Allie and Dan are the sweetest, and totally rocked their pregnancy photos! I mean, look at how gorgeous! They played with each other, they giggled and they got intimate. The perfect amount for a photoshoot with personality and the perfect way to celebrate the final weeks of being a family of 2 (well 2.5). These two are expecting their first little baby over the summer and it's a boy! I know they will make the best of parents and I totally can't wait to photograph them again with their new little guy! And hopefully again, many times as he reaches milestones over the years!

I had the privilege of photographing Allie and Dan at my favorite Boulder, Colorado location! It was a weekday, which meant we had this hidden gem to ourselves....and just look at those views of the flatirons! I just can't get enough of this gorgeous place I get to live in and bring some amazing clients to! I absolutely love how green it is here, it doesn't even feel like (dry) Colorado at times. When we time this Boulder location correctly, we even get a big patch of wild flowers! I don't think I will ever get tired of photographing here!

Congratulations to Allie & Dan on getting ready welcoming their new baby boy!

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