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The Siebert Family | Colorado Summer Family Photography | Denver Family Photographer | Redrock Portr

This is one awesome party of 13! You might not know this about me, but I LOVE photographing extended families and I had so much fun with the S family on this warm summer evening in Colorado! It's true, extended family photography sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph! I think the main reason being that everyone is so darn happy! Usually at least a few (if not all) family members are visiting or on vacation, which of course puts everyone in a good mood. Seeing family members you don't see every day, little kids seeing distant cousins, everyone is on their best behavior (haha). So, if you're visiting Colorado or vacationing in Colorado, I highly recommend getting together for family photos to document your trip! You won't regret it :)

In this wonderful family's case, only half of them are local to the Denver area, which meant a fun full week of family get together over the summer break. We met at one of my favorite Littleton, Colorado locations in the evening before dinner. A lot of times it is important to families to show off Colorado's beauty in their photoshoot, understandably! So I knew the perfect location for them with easy accessibility. I remember on my drive there that evening, it was pouring rain. Like my entire drive there. When I arrived, it was iffy, but looked as if we would get a window of no rain. Man did we get lucky! The sun even peeked out for a few minutes and gave us that nice dark blue sky as a backdrop! One of the best things about the "iffy" weather this day, was that we had the entire place to ourselves! Which was awesome for when the kids needed a break from the camera and could run wild to get all their energy out lol.

An important goal as to photographing extended families is focusing on capturing many different grouping of family members. I enjoy making sure to capture grandparents with the grand kinds, all individual families, all cousins and of course the entire group. I also love capturing kiddos (and adults) having fun in each others company. It is so important to document your days and your loved ones and being a small part of those memories is amazing!

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