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The V Family | Family Maternity Photoshoot | Boulder Pregnancy Photography | Boulder, Colorado Photo

I just love a good outdoor, summer evening, family fun photoshoot, don't you? These are the days we live for, making all kinds of memories along the way. This particular summer evening with this family was the best, this right here makes me love what I do, even more! I love the longer days, fresh cut grass smell, mosquitoes and all. It was unbelievably green around the Boulder area this summer, we had so much rain it made everything grow like crazy and I couldn't complain one bit. It's been one of the greenest summers I remember seeing in Colorado in a long time. Which also gave us lots of wildflowers....and mosquitoes! Ha! This is one of my favorite summer Boulder locations, it's so unique in that we get some beautiful tall grass and trees, a small lake, and even some mountain views with a really cool reflection in the water. I love that it's a 10 minute walk to get to the lake, giving us the opportunity to get a variety of photos along the way. When you time it correctly, you get that perfect evening glow of the sun, giving us that sweet golden hour!

This was my first time meeting the V family. It's not often I get to document a baby bump for the third baby in the family. I'm not really sure why, third baby syndrome, I don't know? I really wish it was more common, because this really was so much fun! I love that these kiddos are a little bit older, so they definitely know they are getting a new sibling, and they are at that age where they will really be able to help out with baby. They're also at such a fun age for photography. Where they can pay attention to me and my directions for a good 10 minutes before they start getting wild and silly. And that's just what happened in this photoshoot lol. As you can see in these photo's, I made sure to capture those sweet smiles and soft baby bump hugs right away before the tickling, running and goofy faces came out. In addition to the calm, sweetness, I also really enjoy documenting kids just being kids. I love capturing them running around, throwing rocks into the lake, playing ring around the rosy, tickling mom and dad, etc... That's when their true personalities really shine, and that deserves to be documented just as much, and that's exactly what we did in this photoshoot! I know they had a blast this evening and I'm so glad they did. They made some awesome memories, and even better, they have it captured on camera! I can't wait to photograph this sweet new baby being welcomed into their family in the next few months. He or she will be so loved!

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