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The Enger Family | Family Photography in Boulder, Colorado | Boulder Family Photographers | Redrock

Oh sweet summer time at my favorite Boulder location with one of my favorite families to photograph! Okay so I might be a little bias because I know Andrea in real life. She's actually a fellow photographer and good friend of mine. This amazing human had quite the journey with her little man, but oh was it so worth it! They have such a beautiful family now, and Matias just turned one! So we gave him a photoshoot with his family to celebrate :) Some of my very favorite family photos are when we can play around. Often times I will tell parents "play around with your little one like you would at home." Family photos don't need to feel stiff and boring. Sure I'll always get a few photos of everyone looking at the camera, but my heart just loves the playful stuff and authentic laughs. For this family we got all kinds of crazy on a hot summer day, we had the family dog, Coco, to play with and of course the playful spinning, lifting, tickling and upside down plays. We had a blast and I'm pretty sure Matias did too, based off of those smiles (in most of the photos). This wild little man is on the move. It was almost hard to keep up with him, but that's what little one-year-old boys do! Also, check out his little suspenders and bow tie! Oh my goodness he is just the cutest!

It was still early summer and I knew I wanted to bring my friends to my favorite Boulder location, which happened to be just blooming with wild flowers at the time! This special spot I found offers amazing views of the flatirons, greenery, wild flowers (in the summer) and tall trees. What more could you ask for- and even better, hardly any people! It's the perfect place to show off beautiful Colorado in your family photos!

I am so very lucky to know these amazing humans, and so lucky to have the opportunity to professionally photograph their lives for them to look back on and remember forever!

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