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A Denver Spring | Blossom Mini Sessions | Denver, Colorado Family Photography | Redrock Portrait Des

Each year, our beautiful state of Colorado is lucky enough to have the most beautiful blossom trees! Unfortunately, these beautiful blossoms only last less then 2 weeks! Many times it could be less then a week, devastatingly getting crushed by a pop up spring snow storm or wind storm. We got lucky this year, they lasted a tad bit longer, and we had a real Colorado spring time! This was my third year hosting an all day event of spring blossom minis, and it was awesome! I had the privilege of photographing 12 different families this year! Three of which I had never even met before! I always love meeting and getting to know new families and of course seeing the familiar ones as well! Our timing for the blossom trees in full bloom was perfect! This year I picked out two different locations, one in downtown Denver, and one in Westminster. Both with very different looking trees, equally as beautiful and perfect. It was just in time for mothers day, and each family was glowing with happiness and love for their families. You could tell everyone was ready for spring, and you could feel it in the air! We were blessed with perfect weather, and each session went so smoothly! No child meltdowns! Win! I put together a few of my favorite photo's from this years blossom mini's in this blog for you all to see! ENJOY!

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