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Baby Kai | In-Home Newborn Photo's | Lifestyle Newborn Photography Denver | Denver Newborn Photo

Oh my goodness, look at this sweet 9 pounds of baby squish at only 6 days new! I fell in love with photographing baby Kai and his adorable baby rolls! I couldn't get enough of him! Kayla and Lance were brand new clients to me, and I am oh-so glad they found me! Kai's very first photoshoot was absolutely perfect. He slept the entire time and loved being snuggled by his mom & dad! In my newborn photo sessions I specialize in photography in the comfort of your own home with a light posing focus and all natural light. Kayla and Lance had a beautiful home in Lafayette that they welcomed me into, and I loved the bright light and energy of their home. I was drawn to the color choices in their home decor and their outfits, which made putting little baby Kai in a bright white swaddle the perfect addition for the photo's.

I always remind my clients that I bring everything I will need for a successful photoshoot to you, for your in-home newborn photography session. Clients are always welcome to use all of my stuff or none of it at all. But I am prepared for anything :) I also like to stress that even if you don't have the "picture perfect" home that is perfectly decorated and well lit, it doesn't matter! All I need is a window (which I'm sure every home has) and together we can create magic. I think most people would be surprised! However- if you're absolutely not comfortable with being in your own home, I have some beautifully simply decorated natural light studio options!

Okay, back to this adorable family. Not pictured here- Kai has two big brothers, two bernese mountain dogs. Big ones! And oh my goodness were they the cutest, fluffiest, sweetest boys ever. They are perfect big brother's to Kai and even gave him lots of kisses. But they did not like how warm we had to keep the house to make sure Kai was warm and cozy! Those two were kind of miserable in the heat, which it totally to be expected. Kayla and Lance reminded me of the perfect "Colorado" family... the dogs, their love for the mountains and travel, adventure and hiking. I can picture them now on a hike with these amazing two huge dogs and Kai in a hiking backpack! How cute would that be?! They are such a great young family and I hope I have the opportunity to photograph Kai as he grows, along with future children of theirs! I totally enjoyed photographing and getting to know this family! Congratulations to them!!

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