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Lee Family | Downtown Denver Family Photo Session | Denver's Union Station Family Photography |

I love Downtown Denver's Union station for a refreshing urban change of pace. I spend a lot of time photographing families in the mountains or parks with lots of trees and greenery. I mean, I love the mountains and parks and I know I attract clients who love those things as well, by the work I show often. What's not to love about them :) However, once in a while I have requests for downtown Denver. Which I also enjoy, in a very different way. I love how photographing in the city creates almost a challenge for me, because it is so different. It helps me think outside the box. Which I love! It's so refreshing in a way.

On this particular January day, we met on a Wednesday morning. It was nice, and it was warm! There's something about having a fun photo session in the middle of downtown Denver on a weekday while being surrounded by people working or going to work. WE get to have fun and take pictures though! I'm not even sure why that feels so good, maybe it's the fresh air on a warm January morning haha. Gotta love Colorado!

The Lee Family and I had a great time exploring downtown Denver together! Oh and people watch. You'd be surprised by the amount of kind helpful strangers around to help get a baby's attention. It's so great! The Lee family and I always have a blast together! I first got to meet Larry and Stephanie at their wedding last summer in Estes Park! They had a beautiful wedding and we hit it off instantly! I am so lucky they have hired me as their official family photographer for their growing family ;) Little Juliana is now 6 months old, almost sitting up on her own and cute as a button! She is the perfect mixture of her mommy and daddy and of course their world. This little one is beginning to smile at me here and there, but I have yet to catch a good smile on camera! Maybe at her next session, where she will be 9 months! Wow, time flies, that will be here before we know it! In the meantime, I'm going to soak in the awesomeness that we all created at this session!

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