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Jason & Lauren | Winter Engagement Photo's | Denver, Colorado Wedding Photographers | Redroc

When we were planning Jason & Lauren's engagement session, they already had a vision of exactly what they wanted. They visioned the session to be on their ranch outside of Denver, they wanted to include at least one of their horses, and they wanted snow! Bam! Look what we made happen! Planning the snow part wasn't really possible, but magically, the night before their photoshoot, it happened! Holy smokes this session did not disappoint! Little did I know how difficult it would be to include a horse in engagement photo's.... in 2 feet of snow! However, since we made it happen and the photo's look incredible, it's that much more rewarding!

Jason & Lauren have been together over 6 years, got engaged over the summer, bought a ranch together in August, and are now planning their September 2019 wedding! Talk about an exciting and busy year! I'm incredibly excited for this wedding which will ALSO take place on their ranch outside of Denver! Not only do I love weddings in general, but I love when couples can make their weddings unique to their story. Jason & Lauren love animals and it's no wonder they have their own ranch. They have 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 horses. I'm sure they will be adding to the family over time. They have worked hard for themselves and take pride in what they have created together. Saying I-do in the place that means so much to them, in front of all their family and closest friends couldn't be more perfect for the two of them.

After getting to know these two a bit during their engagement session, I picked up that Jason tends to be more of a traditional guy when it comes to a wedding, while Lauren would be more okay with the non-traditional way of doing things. Together I know they will compromise to put this wedding together that will be absolutely special for them and become the wedding of their dreams. I couldn't be more excited to see it all come together!

I imagine a heartfelt and emotional ceremony, great food, talkative guests and dancing the night away under the Colorado stars on a summer night. You can't beat the views of their very own back yard and these two have already told me they definitely want their horses to be a part of their wedding photos! I can only imagine how great this day will be!

Stay tuned to see what this Colorado summer ranch wedding will look like and just how beautiful it will be!

Congratulations to Jason & Lauren!

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