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Baby Mason | In-Home Newborn Photography | Denver Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Denver, Colorado

I am so happy the Bernstein family booked my "Grow With Me" package! I get to watch this little one grow through my lens! That means I get to know this family even better after each photography session, and I have the honor of photographing all of Mason's milestones! One of my favorite things about what I do is building relationships with my clients. I have lots of clients I have photographed so many times they feel more like friends then clients. Each time we see each other, it feels more like catching up then "work' for me. Each time I book new clients I have never met before, it is my hope we get to see each other more then once so we can build the trust and really get to know each other!

Side note about this new little family- they were actually referred to me by multiple people they don't even know. That's the cool thing about facebook groups these days. They are in a neighborhood group where I happen to have multiple clients that live there too! When Lauren posted about looking for a Denver maternity and newborn photographer, many people commented and recommended me! How freakin' cool is that! Talk about feeling the love!

When you have no idea where to begin with finding your photographer, it REALLY helps to have input from others who have personal experience!

The first time I met Lauren & Eric was for their maternity photoshoot at 32 weeks pregnant! It was November, in the mountains, and it was freezing! Despite the cold and the wind, we still had a great time photographing Lauren's bump and getting to know each other! I learned a lot about this couple on that day and was excited to meet the little guy that would eventually make them parents!

Just after Christmas, I got the email that their little peanut had arrived! I was so overjoyed for this little family and couldn't wait to be in their home for the first time, photographing little Mason! The long wait for him was finally over! Mason was the best little baby for his newborn photo's! His mom & dad got to snuggle him up in their very own home while I got to capture it for all friends & family to see! I know these precious photo's will be cherished forever and I look forward to seeing this little one grow into a little boy! The next time I get to photograph him, he will be 6 months! Hopefully time doesn't fly too fast. The days are long, but the years fly by!

Congrats to Lauren & Eric on welcoming this little boy to the world!

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